3 tips to posh up your picnic

This summer, we’re championing everything that’s great about British Summertime by bringing you the poshnic – a posher way to picnic!

The lighter evenings, stunning warm summer sun (fingers crossed!) and the UK’s perfect picnic spots all call for celebrations and what better way to do so than with a Cartwright & Butler poshnic?

Not so glorious outside? As we all know, the classic British summer can be unpredictable, but even if it’s dramp and dreary, you can still enjoy a poshnic indoors.

Here are some top tips for turning your everyday picnic into something special:

Setting the scene with décor     

Poshnic scene    Poshnic candle

Cartwright & Butler Hamper    Poshnic scene

Perhaps the easiest way to posh up your picnic is by setting the scene and making it look beautiful. Swap your picnic blanket that’s been living in the loft for beautiful pastel coloured throws and cushions that will give a cosy and inviting look. If you’re having an evening event, add a warm glow with candles and twinkly fairy lights. If you really want to go the extra mile, why not create personal place name cards for guests that will really make them feel special!

Items that can add a touch of elegance to any outdoor event include:

  • Fairy lights
  • Lanterns
  • Tea lights and candles
  • Flowers and vases
  • Festoon lights
  • Bunting
  • Throws and blankets
  • Cushions

Serving a first class spread

Poshnic scene    Bee's Wax Sandwich Wraps

Gone are the days of cling film wrapped sandwiches that end up getting squashed in a cool bag, this summer up your serving game and make your poshnic one that stands out. Switch the cling film or foil for bees wrap – an eco-friendly alternative that will keep your food fresh and look sophisticated. Instead of a plastic cool bag to transport your food, opt for a wicker hamper that will look beautiful in the countryside. To go that one step further, place the food on serving platters and trays so that your family and friends can help themselves to delicious food and drink.

Items to give a sense of luxury:

  • Serving platters
  • Cartwright & Butler Wicker picnic hampers
  • Napkin rings/holders
  • Bees Wrap
  • Water jugs/dispensers
  • Place mats
  • Coupe glasses
  • Mason jars

 Perfect poshnic recipes

Savoury recipes    Sweet recipes

Of course we all really know that the greatest part of a poshnic is the delicious food. Click here for some of our favourite recipes for all your poshnics.