Elderflower & White Grape Pressé Jellies

Elderflower & White Grape Pressé Jellies

You will need:

4 shallow, stemmed cocktail glasses

750ml Cartwright & Butler Elderflower & White Grape Pressé

2 sachets vegetarian gelatine


To garnish:

8 white grapes

4 elderflower heads

To make the jellies:

1. Gently pour the pressé into a pan and place over a gentle heat.

2. When warmed, sprinkle in the gelatine and whisk until the powder has dissolved.

3. Squeeze in a little lemon and remove from the heat to cool.

4. Once completely cooled, pour the jelly mixture into a jug for easy-pouring.

5. Place your cocktail glasses on a shelf in the fridge and carefully fill each glass with the jelly mixture.                         

6. Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight until fully set with a firm wobble.

To serve, top with sliced grapes and fresh elderflowers.

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