Petit Fours

Petit Fours

When it comes to our chocolates and fudge, they rarely have time to make it to a plate before being devoured. But, if you can curb your temptation, take the time to create a party-pleasing arrangement to accompany your after-dinner coffee.


Your choice of Cartwright & Butler confectionery such as:

Butter Fudge

Almond Bark

Chocolate Truffles

Ottoman Delights


To serve

  1. 1. If you need to, cut your fudge, almond bark and other similar petit fours to shape
  2. 2. Arrange in neat rows on a piece of slate or marble


Serve with a cafetière of Cartwright & Butler After Dinner Blend Coffee

Top tip: Get creative with different arrangements and patterns. For extra flair, on a piece of baking paper, drizzle melted chocolate over the fudge pieces and leave to set or decorate your petit fours with piped ganache, chocolate coated coffee beans or cake decorations.

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