Drink Gifts

Partial to a quality cuppa or can’t get through the day without coffee? We’ve got luxury beverages for you. From light and refreshing whole leaf tea to rich roast coffee, our drinks are a must-have for any home. Fancy something cold instead? Our lightly sparking presses and freshly squeezed juices have got you covered.

Our Popular Beverages

As with everything else we put our name to, when it came to creating a range of beverages, we had one aim, to source the very best that was out there. So, whether your preference is for fine, whole leaf teas; expertly roasted coffees; rich, luxurious hot chocolates; or refreshingly grown up presses made from real fruit; you’ll find you’re spoilt for choice with our extensive range of quality beverages.

From whole leaf tea to rich, smooth coffee, freshly squeezed juices to lightly sparking presses, Cartwright & Butler’s range of luxury beverages makes for a refreshing change to bog standard beverages. When every break is a chance to spoil yourself, why settle for anything less?

As a British business, it’s our duty to curate the very best teas to see you through the day. Made with whole leaf tea, our quality teas  are grown by growers we trust and carefully blended to bring out their natural flavours. From refreshing English Breakfast tea to fragrant Earl Grey, green tea to peppermint, there’s a luxury tea for any taste.

For a luxury take on green tea, why not try our loose-leaf tea with rose petals? Light, fragrant and elegant, this unusual tea is low on caffeine, so you can enjoy it all day long. Or for a soothing brew make a cup of our Peppermint Tisane blend, made with flavoursome natural peppermint leaves blended with safflowers – thought to help with insomnia. Perfect after dinner or tucked up with a book in bed, this delicious tea is one of our favourites.

Prefer coffee? We’ve got you covered, whether you love the ritual of grinding your own beans or want ready ground so you can brew a pot of the good stuff fast. We’ve chosen not to have a range of flavoured coffees or fancy blends instead - we've taken the best coffee we can find and presented it in two blends and two formats. Whole beans and ready to use ground, in our all-day drinking Café York Blend or our packs a punch After Dinner Blend – both made with perfectly roasted 100 per cent Arabica coffee.

For a real treat, make sure you stock up on our luxuriously rich hot chocolates – glistening chocolate beads ready to stir through steaming hot, creamy milk. Available in simple milk and dark, or infused with orange or salted caramel for even more indulgence, these delicious drinks come packed in a beautiful embossed glass jar with a flip top ceramic lid for a treat that looks almost as good as it tastes.

If you prefer cold drinks, our lightly sparking presses are a luxurious alternative to big-brand pop. Made with natural fruit juices and just the right amount of bubbles, these luxury beverages are perfect on their own, or delicious as mixers for your favourite tipple. Choose from Apple and Ginger, Raspberry Lemonade or White Grape and Elderflower.

Fancy treating guests to something special at breakfast time? Stock up on freshly squeezed juices in cute glass bottles – the perfect partner for your cereal and toast. Choose from 100% orange or 100% apple and enjoy, knowing there’s nothing more in your bottle than delicious natural juice.

Whatever your taste, whatever time of day, there’s are luxury beverages in the Cartwright & Butler range for you.