Luxury Biscuits

Partial to a biscuit with your afternoon cuppa? Bring a bit of luxury to every tea break with the luxury biscuit selection from Cartwright & Butler. From the butteriest of shortbread to the chocolatiest of biscuits, our sweet treats range puts shop-bought biscuits in the shade. Go on – find your new favourite today.

Our Popular Biscuits

We could wax lyrical all day about biscuits, but then we’re unashamedly passionate about them. We won't be drawn on which is our best, though. All we can say is, whatever your preferred biscuit, be it something thick and chunky, covered in chocolate, or elegant and refined with a distinctive snap, you’ll find a new favourite in our range. Maybe, even more than one!

Forget rich teas and bin the bourbons. Once you’ve tried Cartwright & Butler’s luxury biscuit selection there’ll be no going back. From golden, buttery shortbread made to a traditional family recipe to chocolate-dunked biscuits that are two thirds chocolate, our luxury biscuit range is packed with delicious ways to treat yourself every day.

Not sure which to try first? Why not treat yourself to our Luxury Biscuits Assortment, perfectly presented in a cute reusable pastel tin. Packed with a selection of some of our most popular treats including our family recipe shortbread, moreish oat crumbles and chocolate covered biscuits, these are perfect for bringing out when guests drop by (though we wouldn’t blame you for keeping them to yourself).

Looking for a luxury alternative to your daily digestive? Why not upgrade to our maple and pecan versions – packed with crunchy nuts and sweet maple syrup and decorated with a generous drizzle of dark chocolate. Partial to a ginger biscuit? Our Stem Ginger Biscuits pack a real punch. Made with ground and stem ginger for extra spice, we carefully bake this rich, golden biscuits for the perfect crunch and a moreish taste.

Fancy trying the best shortbread you’ll ever have tasted? Try a twist on a classic with our Demerara Shortbread Rounds. Made to a traditional family recipe with simple ingredients and plenty of butter, these golden, crumbly biscuits are rolled in demerara sugar before baking for a delicious texture and rich, sweet taste. Feeling adventurous? Add a tin of our on-trend Matcha Tea Shortbread – our classic family recipe infused with matcha tea. Perfect for dunking in your morning cuppa. There’s a whole host of other shortbread flavours too, from classic lemon to salted caramel, in cute pastel tins or handy boxes ready to decant into your favourite biscuit barrel. Which one will you choose?

Want to try a few of our luxury biscuit selection to find your new favourite? Why not build your very own biscuit-based hamper from scratch? Our build your own hamper service is simple, fast and means you get more of the goodies you love – and all delivered direct to your door. Just choose your box from our collection of classic wicker baskets, tin picnic hampers and stylish wooden crates, then fill it full of biscuits. Love chocolate? Make sure you included a couple of packs of our Ultra Thick Chocolate Biscuits – a range of crumbly biscuits triple dunked in chocolate for a truly indulgent treat. Once your hamper’s full, just enter your details and we’ll do the rest. So, you can just sit back and wait for your treats to arrive. Don’t forget to put the kettle on…

Whatever you fancy, there’s a luxury biscuit in the range for you. The only challenge will be stopping at just one.