Luxury shortbread biscuits

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, and that's definitely the case with our luxury shortbread biscuits. Perfectly crumbly and bursting with butter, our range of oh-so-special biscuits puts traditional shortbread to shame, and are available in several of our luxury biscuit hampers. Choose a simple butter recipe or try something new. And of course, we already know you won't be able to stop at just one...


Try the best shortbread biscuits around

We've been making luxury shortbread for four generations, so we know what makes a good one. Made to an all-butter recipe, baked at a lower temperature for that pale, delicate colour, our biscuits are irresistibly crumbly and incredibly moreish, whether you choose a classic recipe or shortbread with a little something extra.

Whether you've got guests coming round or just want to add a little luxury to your morning tea break, shortbread biscuits are the perfect treat. Made for pairing with a refreshing cup of whole leaf English breakfast tea or as a sweet treat to round off an afternoon tea treat, this simply delicious British classic is a gift everyone's sure to love.

Not to mention, these idyllic items will go down a real treat as a birthday present, acting as a pre-snack before your beloved tucks into their humongous birthday cake! Oh, and don’t forget about gifting these treats at Christmas time, all that’s required of you is to order them and pop them under the tree. How easy is that?

What makes our shortbread gifts so decadent?

All of our shortbread biscuits are presented in beautiful gift boxes or stylish flip-top biscuit tins to truly make a statement. Because we wanted to dial up these gorgeous goodies, that are well worth sharing. Plus, they are so impressive to hand over to your guests when they’ve popped round for a brew. This is especially true when compared with the usual arrangement: placing a half-eaten packet of plastic-wrapped digestives on the table!

Can't decide which variety to try first? Simply treat yourself to a shortbread assortment with three of our most popular products. That way, you can find your new favourite to buy in abundance… Our Shortbread Selection Box comes complete with crumbly Demerara biscuits, our best-selling Chocolate Drop variety and warming Spiced Orange and Cranberry Shortbread Rounds. And they are all packed into a stylish gift box, packed with enough biscuits to share - but only if you want to, of course!

Try luxury shortbread from our ravishing range

Our classy collection of super buttery shortbreads are simply wonderful. They not only taste great, but they look the part, too. Every biscuit is packed into cute, reusable pastel-coloured tins and sealed with a handy flip-top fastening. And each flavour and style we sell means there’s something for everyone in your family (or friendship group) to relish.

In fact, we have something for every occasion, whether you're looking for a treat for the traditionalist or something to take with you for a coffee date with your favourite foodie!

For a flavour-packed take on this classic bake, choose our decadent Demerara Shortbread Rounds - our signature all butter, low and slow-baked recipe topped with a dusting of golden demerara sugar. Or for an on-trend twist on a luxury shortbread, try our Pistachio Shortbread Rounds. These pale, scrummy golden biscuits are the perfect balance of sweet, earthy and creamy goodness.

Choose from a whole selection of biscuits

Sending a selection of shortbread goodies to your pals is perfect; they can be eaten as a light dessert or with a hot drink. But don’t forget about our extra-special savoury biscuits, which make the ideal entrée for your friend’s latest dinner party, paired with a good helping of Godminster Vintage Cheddar.

Shortbread biscuits aren’t the only blissful, sweet biscuits we have to offer either. We have a whole selection of Crumbly Biscuits (including those for gifts) for you to ogle over, buy and then scoff!

Choose from exciting flavours that you’ve never tried before from a biscuit, like our tremendous tin of Strawberry & White Chocolate Biscuits, as well as so many other yummy options. And of course, we can’t leave out our mouth-watering Chocolate Biscuits selection, which is packed with scrumptious delights for all to enjoy.

Create your own bundle of luxury shortbread

Want to create your own perfectly tailored box of the best shortbread biscuits, and send it to the biscuit lover in your life? Well, you can – that’s where we can help. You can create your own bespoke bundle that is bursting with as many luxury items as you want.

After all, why would you stick with standard Scottish shortbread fingers, when you can have a picnic hamper packed with the best biscuits our bakers can make? It’s a no brainer!

How do I buy shortbread hampers designed by myself?

Simply choose our Build Your Own Hamper option to handpick every single blissful shortbread biscuit that your bestie will love the most. Choose from fragrant Lemon Zest Shortbread, rich Chocolate Drop Shortbread Rounds and tongue-tingling Almond Shortbread.

Once you’ve added their most favourite goodies, choose where you’re sending it to and await your recipient’s gleeful response when it arrives at their door. There really is no better feeling than selecting which products you’d like to include, knowing your giftee will be in shortbread heaven when they receive it!

Buy shortbread biscuits for your nearest and dearest

If you're looking for an alternative to bland supermarket shortbread brands, and want to add a little decadence to your every day, we've got the perfect products for you. Each of our luxury shortbread products is bursting with the best ingredients, that are sure to bring a little joy to every tea break. And they really are a great way of showing someone special how much you care for them.

Simply peruse our flavour-filled range to buy shortbread gifts for her, for him or for your grandparents. You could even choose a particular celebration to send a pack, tin or hamper for. We know one thing's for sure - when your recipient receives their precious package, they’ll be elated (and ready-as-ever to gobble up these delights)!