Shortbread Biscuits

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, and that's definitely the case with our luxury shortbread. Perfectly crumbly and bursting with butter, our range of oh-so-special biscuits puts traditional shortbread to shame. Choose a simple butter recipe or try something new. But we know you won't be able to stop at just one...


Whether you've got guests coming round or just want to add a little luxury to your morning tea break, shortbread biscuits are the perfect treat. Made for pairing with a refreshing cup of whole leaf tea or as a sweet treat to round off an afternoon tea, this simply delicious British classic is a gift everyone's sure to love.

We've been making shortbread for four generations so we know what makes a good one. Made to an all butter recipe, baked at a lower temperature for that pale, delicate colour, our biscuits are irresistibly crumbly and incredibly moreish, whether you choose a classic recipe or shortbread with a little something extra.

Our range of super buttery shortbreads packed into cute pastel tins, sealed with a flip top fastening, has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a treat for the traditionalist or something to take round for a coffee date with a confirmed foodie. For a flavour-packed take on this classic bake, chose our decadent Demerara Shortbread rounds - our signature all butter, low and slow-baked recipe topped with a dusting of golden demerara sugar. Or for an on-trend twist on a luxury shortbread, try our Matcha Tea Shorbread Rounds - pale golden biscuits with the perfect balance of sweet and matcha bitterness.

Want to create shortbread biscuit gifts perfectly tailored to the biscuit lover in your life? We can help you create your own bespoke hamper bursting with as many items as you want. Why stick with standard Scottish shortbread fingers when you can have a picnic hamper packed with the best biscuits our bakers can make? Choose from fragrant Lemon Zest Shortbread, rich Chocolate Drop Shortbread Rounds and tongue-tingling Pistachio, all packed into beautiful gift boxes and stylish flip top biscuit tins for biscuits worth sharing. And so much more impressive when you have guests round for a brew than putting a half-eaten packet of plastic wrapped plain digestives on the table.

Can't decide which variety to try first? Treat yourself to a shortbread assortment with three of our most popular products so you can find your new favourite. Our Shortbread Selection Gift Box comes complete with crumbly Demerara, best-selling Chocolate Drop and warming Spiced Orange and Cranberry Shortbread Rounds - all packed into stylish storage tins packed with enough bisuits to share (but only if you want to).

Whether you're looking for an alternative to bland supermarket shortbread brands to add a little luxury to every day, or want to show someone special how much you care, we've got the perfect products bursting with the best ingredients that are sure to bring a little joy to every tea break.