Savoury Biscuits

We’ll let you into a little secret – a great cheeseboard is really all about the crackers. Pairing your carefully picked cheeses with carefully made, perfectly baked savoury biscuits lets those delicious textures and flavours shine. So, treat your guests to a party for their tastebuds with luxury savoury biscuits from the Cartwright & Butler range.

Looking for a savoury biscuit to pair perfectly with your favourite cheese?  Perhaps you prefer a flatbread cracker or even better a selection of both.  Our delightful range of quality savoury biscuits for cheese are sure to be a hit the next time you dig out the cheeseboard.  Going all out, why not pair with a selection of luxury nuts, from our quality selection, from classic salted to caramelised sesame - there's surely something to tickle your fancy.


Are you partial to a cheeseboard? Love a salty snack to nibble on with a glass of something cold in front of your favourite show? Make sure you’re stocked up on luxury savoury biscuits from the Cartwright & Butler range. Made to traditional recipes with the very best ingredients for the finest flavours and most irresistible textures, there’s more to our savoury biscuits than meets the eye.

For an anytime snack that’s perfect paired with a chunk of cheddar, try our original oatcakes, made to a family recipe developed in our Yorkshire bakery more than 70 years ago. Made with simple ingredients, carefully baked for a crunch that gives way to a lovely soft centre, we’re pretty sure ours are the best oatcakes you’ll ever have tasted. You can even pair our oatcakes with sweet spreads for when that sugar craving comes calling. Try it with a generous spread of our oh-so-fruity Strawberry Preserve for the perfect blend of sweet and savoury, or how about a smear of our thick, gooey Gingerbread Honey for a really indulgent treat. Mix it up and make them your own.

Want the perfect partner for a creamy Roquefort or a chunk of tangy Stilton? Get the perfect mix of textures with our classic, crisp water biscuit, simply seasoned to let the flavour of the cheese shine. Choose from classic plain or tongue-tingling sea salt and black pepper water biscuits – simple but simply delicious. For a cracker that’s a real showstopper, add our Seeded Beetroot Flatbreads to your cheese platter. Subtly flavoured and coloured with earthy beetroot, these vibrant crackers are the perfect partner to a whole host of cheeses.

We’ve even got savoury biscuits that don’t need a cheeseboard. Choose from decadent flaky Cheddar Cheese Straws, made to a delicious all butter recipe, perfect for pairing with a glass of prosecco when guests come round – or when you just fancy a little luxury on a cosy night in. Or why not try our Gouda or Roquefort Cheese Melts – crunchy wafer balls with a soft cheese centre, made for nibbling alongside a glass of something fruity. A better class of nibble to dish up when guests drop round.

Our savoury biscuits come in individual packs, so why not make up gift box for yourself or a cheese-loving friend? You can find hampers in our range with savoury biscuits included, or you could create your own bespoke hamper from scratch in a matter of minutes. Just choose your container from classic wicker baskets, retro-inspired tin picnic hampers and vintage-style wooden crates and fill it with savoury biscuits, crackers and chutneys, ready for delivery direct to your door.

Whatever the occasion, there’s a savoury biscuit in the Cartwright & Butler range for you.