Luxury Christmas puddings

What is Christmas day without a traditional Christmas pudding to indulge in? Our diverse range of traditional, alcohol-free and simply delicious luxury Christmas puddings will blow your friends, relatives and even your child’s teachers away when you hand one over as a gift. Bring blissful tastes to your loved one’s dinner table over the fun festive season with a scrumptious goodie from the Cartwright & Butler range.


Individual Christmas pudding: The greatest gift

A remarkable present at Christmastime is food because it’s greatly appreciated by everyone. After all, everyone knows this period is one for indulgence! That’s why individual Christmas puddings are such an incredible present because they bring a lot to someone’s Christmas experience, for a small price. But which is the greatest?

The best Christmas pudding for the festive period

Simply put, the best Christmas pudding really depends on your recipient. Some would say the luxury Christmas puddings of the world are the traditional kind – spherically shaped and wrapped carefully to preserve all of its goodness. It not only looks the part when it’s placed in the middle of your giftee’s festively decorated dinner table, but it tastes sublime, too. Enriched with spices, juicy fruits and stocky nuts, our traditional Christmas pudding is one to remember – to send their way for when everyone is seated on the 25th!

Others would claim the greatest Christmas puddings are those that provide a new stance on the traditional-tasting dessert to bring new flavours. Our Orange Liquor Christmas pudding will tingle your recipients’ tastebuds and leave them craving this dreamy item all year round.

Arriving at their door in a beautifully designed, robust (and reusable tin), this new take on tradition wows the crowd every time. And this is thanks to the exquisite orange liquor, orange peel and candied orange slices which line the sides and top of the pudding, alongside the touch of candied lemon. All of these ingredients bring a pleasant zingy tang to this staple Christmas dessert which will excite palates of all kinds.

And a luxury Christmas pudding needs to be served with some tasty adornments, like a good helping of rich double cream or a scintillating scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream. Or to really wow the crowd, rustle up a portion of rich brandy butter for your loved ones to enjoy with this incredibly tasty Christmas gift.

Alcohol-free Christmas pudding

An alcohol-free Christmas pudding is a great present for the sober giftees in your life. Because this dreamy dessert (which truly marks Christmastime) is packed with flavour, it just removes the added dash of brandy!

Our decadent Christmas Pudding with Marzipan Centre is a brilliant choice for your favourite friends (or dinner guests) who are alcohol-free, or for those who are unimpressed with boozy desserts. The lucky people in your life receiving this individual Christmas pudding can savour the tremendous taste of juicy dried fruits, candied fruits, chunky nuts and the divine layer of rich-flavoured marzipan layered on top. It would certainly make a brilliant present for a teacher at your child’s school, a beloved neighbour or the little ones in your family who go crazy for this festive treat!

Buy Christmas pudding from Cartwright & Butler

Our gorgeous selection of Christmas puddings will make your loved ones jump for joy on Christmas day. Their mouths will be watering at the sight of your thoughtful (yet tasty) gift, and they’ll be giddy with gratitude for the extra course you’ll be bringing to their Christmas dinner arrangement. Simply spoil them with the best Christmas pudding in town, from our diverse range – you’ll become their favourite person in no time!

And remember, Christmas puddings aren’t the only delicious desserts we offer that can be enjoyed during the festive season. For the lucky recipients in your life who adore Christmas cakes, our opulent Christmas Loaf Cake in a Tin is absolutely ideal. As is our varied selection of sweet and crumbly mince pies, which you could easily just order to your own door for some superb self-indulgence…

Our Christmas food hampers are also next-to-none; they bring all of your favourite Yuletide flavours together to provide marvellously memorable presents and tastes to their day. And for Christmas stocking filler ideas, we have a whole range of amazing items that are both festive and incredible on the palate. With so much choice at your fingertips, you’re all set for Christmas – that’s for sure.