Luxury mince pies

What could be better than gorging on the best mince pies on the market, or treating your loved ones to a sublime selection on Christmas day? In our eyes - nothing! The indulgent collection of Cartwright & Butler luxury mince pies will wow everyone’s tastebuds and bring a new take on this traditional buttery, festive delight.


The best mince pies for the festive season

Mince pies really mark the Christmas period: we leave one for “Santa” to nibble on when the kids are settling down for bed, and we gobble them up while reuniting with friends and family we’ve not seen all year. That’s why the best mince pies are those that are gifted. After all, everything tastes better when you don’t have to buy it yourself…

We offer a selection of beautifully boxed mince pies to send to your lucky recipient’s door or to pop under their tree in the lead up to Christmas – the choice is all yours. Whether you’re sending your child’s teacher a Christmas pick-me-up, your best friend a yummy delight to devour or handing a box over to your mum – the woman who introduced you to these decadent goodies, there are mince pies in our range to suit all tastes.

Introduce luxury mince pies to their day this Christmas

Buy mince pies for your friends, family or even your colleagues – which they can share round before the Xmas party. Whoever the giftee is, they’re going to be absolutely enthralled when they open one of our small but mighty (and mightily tasty) boxes of mince pies.

Our Cranberry & Orange Mince Pies are divine for the palate; they bring all of your favourite flavours that are reminiscent of Christmas time to life. Think of juice cranberries and a citrussy addition of opulent orange oil, melt-in-your-mouth all-butter pastry. Bite into this crumbly goodie to savour the sweet mix of rich raisins, flavoursome fruit peel and tangy apples.

And for those who prefer smaller indulgences, our Cranberry & Orange Mini Mince Pies are ideal. The deep red, open-window box showcases six mouth-watering mince pies to munch. And the little ones will love these little pleasures to enjoy while unwrapping their presents, so you could order them to your own door for them to relish.

Although we don’t currently sell vegan mince pies, our Vegan Selection Box can be sent to your loved one’s door for them to nibble on during Yuletide. This present is packed with both sweet and savoury treats to suit the same tastes as mince pies.

Find luxury mince pies for your favourites

There’s no better present than luxury mince pies for your friends and family. And you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gifting for the 25th, so buy moreish mince pies from our sterling selection for your loved ones and await their grateful response.

Our marvellously moist Christmas cakes is another winning gift this festive season, for those who enjoy a sweeter delight to slice up. And our scrumptious range of Christmas puddings means you can bring a gift to the dinner table for those who are hosting this Christmas. They’ll be utterly delighted they invited you along, especially when it’s time for dessert!

Perhaps you’re not spending the day with your favourite people, but want to send them a delicious delight to mark the occasion? In which case, our Christmas hampers are the perfect present to show you’re thinking of them on this merry day.

Simply choose which luxury hamper will suit their tastes and preferences, whether they’d enjoy a bundle of savoury goodies, an alcohol hamper to celebrate the day away or a tea and cake set to tuck into on Boxing Day. And to stick with the festive theme, The Winter’s Delight Picnic Hamper is sure to please.