Ethical Code and Employment Standards Policy

The Cartwright & Butler vision is to put innovation and Quality back in to food and strengthening our organisation and culture is critical to our success. To achieve this we have key values we work with in our business which are:

Enthusiasm: We have a can-do attitude
Excellence: We strive to be right first time every time
Creativity: We think and act smart
Responsibility: We do what we say and say we will do
Communication: We take time to talk and listen

Policy Statement

We are committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental practices and believe that we have a responsibility to adhere to the highest standards of behaviour and care. We recognise that our business activities have the potential to impact on others and therefore they have the right to expect high level of standards in what we do.

We commit that our business will ensure:
- All products manufactured or sourced by Cartwright & Butler are produced under working conditions that are hygienic and safe;
- Ensure that all workers involved in the production of products sold by Cartwright & Butler are treated with dignity and respect;
- Act in an Ethical manner meeting all legal requirements

Acting with Integrity

Integrity is fundamental to Cartwright & Butler – we are keen to ensure we do what is right. By acting with integrity, we reflect positively on the values and reputation of the company and we want to do what is right both for ourselves and for our business. This policy will help guide us. It defines how we should all conduct ourselves as representatives of the business and addresses our responsibilities to the company, to each other and to our customers.

We recognise that through our business activities, we have the potential to impact on the rights of others. Where we assess that activities have the potential for an adverse impact, we aim to take action to acknowledge and address the risks and provide remedy where necessary.


We aim to work with our suppliers to build effective and transparent supply chains. We are reliant on our suppliers for the ingredients and services we use to create great food. We encourage our suppliers to operate to the same ethical standards that we employ ourselves.

Fair Trading

In order to promote stable business relationships in which any necessary advancement can be made, we make a commitment to agreeing clear contract terms with suppliers. The livelihood of vulnerable companies will not be jeopardised by unfair contractual dealings. This does not affect the necessity of ensuring product safety or of buying competitively.

Respect for the Individual

Cartwright & Butler aspires to achieve a workforce that is truly representative of the society that we work within, opposing all forms of discrimination and providing all colleagues with the following commitments:

Cartwright & Butler will do all it can to create an environment in which the individual differences and the contributions of all our colleagues are recognised and valued;

Cartwright & Butler will not tolerate any form of intimidation, bullying or harassment of its colleagues. Everyone is entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity and respect;

Cartwright & Butler will ensure that training, development and progression opportunities are available to all employees;

Cartwright & Butler will continuously review its employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness;

Cartwright & Butler will regard breaches of these commitments as misconduct that may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Cartwright & Butler believe that equality in the workplace is of the upmost importance and the Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure decisions to employ, train, develop and promote colleagues is made on the basis of an individual’s abilities and qualifications.

Business Appropriate Behaviour

Our business practices are governed by integrity, honesty, fair dealing and compliance with all applicable laws. Our colleagues uphold and live this commitment in their everyday responsibilities and our reputation is one of our most important assets.

Colleagues should seek guidance when they are in doubt about the proper course of action in a given situation, as it is the ultimate responsibility of each person to ‘’do the right thing’’, a responsibility that cannot be delegated.

If ever in doubt, colleagues should ask themselves:
• Is it consistent with our values?
• Is it ethical?
• Is it legal?
• Will it reflect well on myself and/or the Company?
• Would I want to read about it in the Newspaper?
If the answer is ‘No’, to any of these questions, don’t do it. If you are still uncertain you should ask for guidance from one of the following:
• Your line manager
• The Managing Director
• Other Company policies in place set out in the Employee Handbook

What is expected of line managers?

Line managers should promote a culture of ethics and compliance and should at all times model appropriate conduct. As a Line Manager you should:

• Ensure that the colleagues you supervise understand their responsibilities under this Policy
• Make opportunities to discuss the code and reinforce the importance of ethics and compliance with colleagues;
• Create an environment where colleagues feel comfortable raising concerns without fear of retaliation;
• Consider employee conduct in relation to Moordale Foods values when evaluating colleagues;
• Never encourage or direct colleagues to achieve business results at the expense of ethics
• Always act to stop violations of this policy by the colleagues that you supervise;

Cartwright & Butler Employment Standards – General Provisions

The general provisions of the policy apply to:
- Colleagues directly employed by Cartwright & Butler, either on temporary or permanent contracts:
- Colleagues employed or provided by contractors or employment agencies to work on Company premises or to undertake work for and on behalf of the Company.
- No forced, bonded or involuntary labour shall be used
- All employment with Moordale Foods is freely chosen. Colleagues are not required to lodge deposits or identity papers with us and colleagues are free to leave the business after providing the required notice.
- No child labour shall be used
- All colleagues must have reached the minimum legal working age under national law.

All colleagues have a right to join a recognised trade union
- Colleagues have the right to join a recognised trade union and to organise collective bargaining in a lawful and peaceful manner and should not be discriminated against for being engaged in lawful trade union activities.

Working Conditions are safe and hygienic
- All colleagues are entitled to a safe, hygienic working environment and working conditions will meet with all National Health and Safety Laws and standards. Cartwright & Butler takes all adequate measures to prevent accidents and minimise potential hazards and all colleagues receive regular Health and Safety training which is recorded.
- All Health and Safety Policies are written and published on notice boards, copies are also available from the Managing Director.
- No discrimination is practised
- There is no discrimination in pay, hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion and termination of employment on the grounds of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation.
- Opportunities for personal and career development are equally available to all Cartwright & Butler colleagues.
- No harassment, threats, abuse or intimidation shall be practiced
- Physical abuse or discipline, the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation are strictly prohibited.
- Working conditions and remuneration are comparable to other companies in our sector and regular employment is provided
- Rates of pay comply with legislation regulating employment, hours of work and pay including minimum wage, national living wage, allowances and benefits are comparable in relation to similar jobs in our market place.
- Normal working hours do not exceed 48 hours per week, (excluding overtime).
- Colleagues must not be required to work excessive hours and may not ordinarily and regularly work more than 60* hours per week, including overtime. Whilst contracts will normally provide for at least 2 days off per week, all colleagues are entitled as a minimum, to take at least one day off in each 7 day period. Overtime must be strictly voluntary.
- Colleagues are provided with written terms and conditions of employment that provides details of the employment relationship and the respective obligations of both the employer and employee. Such as; rates of pay, working hours, grievance and disciplinary procedures, holiday entitlement, absence and sick pay rules and notice periods for termination of employment.
- No deductions are to be made from wages as a disciplinary measure and an individual pay slip detailing the lawful deductions is provided for every pay period.

Employment Agencies

- All employment agencies contracted to supply temporary workers must demonstrate a commitment to and the application of the requirements of this policy.
- They must ensure that all temporary workers supplied to Cartwright & Butler are eligible to work in the UK, subject to the rules laid down by the Home Office. In addition agencies must ensure that all temporary workers supplied to the company possess a sufficient command of the English language to carry out their duties safely.

Health, Safety and Environment

We are committed to conducting our business in a manner, which complies with country specific and other relevant local legislation, minimises adverse effects upon the environment and protects the health, safety and welfare of all colleagues and others affected by our activities.
- We consider the effective management of safety, health and environmental risks to be of equal importance to other activities for the efficient operation of the business.
- Through a process of continual improvement, Cartwright & Butler will ensure it meets its obligations as a responsible Company by measuring and managing its safety, health and environmental performance.
- The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for the safety, health and environmental risks and the management of those risks. This responsibility is devolved to the Line Management through the principle that all members of the management team have responsibility, accountability and authority for business operations they also have responsibility and accountability for ensuring that associated safety, health and environment issues are controlled.
- Cartwright & Butler will ensure as a minimum this policy is adopted, communicated and implemented.

Employee Ethics and Compliance process (Whistleblowing)

We are committed to achieving an open working environment in which you feel able to report issues of concern directly to your line manager. To overcome these potentially difficult circumstances, colleagues are able to report any concern in relation to such as, but not limited to, food safety or quality issue, criminal activity, fraud, theft or damage to property by the Company, its management, supervisors, employees or suppliers. It may be more personal, such as discrimination, bullying or harassment.
- You will be able to come forward without fear of retaliation or unfavourable treatment. Your concern will be fully investigated by the business and appropriate corrective actions put in place.
- There may be times if a matter is sufficiently serious, when a colleague feels unable to raise a concern within the business. In this event a colleague should report the matter causing concern to the appropriate body e.g Health and Safety Executive, HMRC etc who will pick up the matter with the business in confidence.