Traditional Mustard

No foodie's fridge is complete without a selection of traditional mustards. Spread on sandwiches, stirred into sauces or simply served on the side, a great quality mustard can make any meal into something extra special. From traditional English to tangy wholegrain, there's a mustard in the Cartwright & Butler range for every occasion.


Smeared on sandwiches, stirred into creamy sauce or spread on top of burgers, a great quality mustard adds a hint of spice to any meal. Whether you like a bit of heat or prefer your mustard more mild and flavoursome, like it smooth or bursting with mustard seeds, there are options in the Cartwright & Butler range to suit any palette.

Want an all rounder that's great as a condiment but can be added to all kinds of dishes? Make sure you have a jar of our traditional English Mustard on hand. Packed into a cute embossed glass jar with a flip fastening ceramic lid, this smooth, rounded mustard has just the right amount of spice to make it the perfect dinner table sauce. Try it spread in a roast beef sandwich, alongside cold meats or even mixed with some sweetness for a honey mustard dressing to give hot dogs a bit of extra class. Because there's more to English Mustard than ham sandwiches.

For a milder mustard that's just as versatile, try our luxury Wholegrain Mustard. Smooth and flavoursome and bursting with soft, melt-in-the-mouth mustard seeds in white wine vinegar, this rich, mild mustard is as beautiful as it tasty. Try is stirred though creamy, buttery mashed potato for bangers and mash with a twist, or stirred into a creamy sauce with slowly simmered shallots for the perfect side to your Friday night steak.

Want to build your own hamper for the foodie in your life? Why not start with one of our traditional mustards and build their perfect picnic basket around it? Simply pick your container, like a classic wicker basket, a cute retro-inspired picnic tin or a stylish wooden crate, then fill it full of sweet and salt treats to create the ultimate picnic platter. All they'll need to add is their favourite selection of cold meats and cheeses. Or, if you're looking for a token gift to take to Sunday lunch with friends or loved ones, a perfectly packed jar of English mustard or packed with mustard seeds Wholegrain is a lovely little gift all on its own. And with quick delivery direct to your door, you can get your gifts in no time.

All our mustards are made with the perfect mix of vinegar and just the right amount of salt to ensure a good shelf life, though they're so delicious, we doubt they'll last long anyway. So, why not stock up your pantry with some of the best mustards you'll find. Add a few chutneys, sauces and condiments while you're at it, and make every meal - from the simplest steak and most standard ham sandwich - into something really special.