Jams & Preserves

Spread a little happiness everyday with gourmet preserves from Cartwright & Butler. From super fruity jams bursting with sweet fruit to traditionally made tangy chutneys to perk up your pack up, fill your fridge with luxury sweet and savoury spreads that make every day a little bit special.

Made to a traditional Yorkshire recipe, on site in Yorkshire to this very day you can be sure our Fruit Preserves, Jams, Marmalade and Sweet Curds are as delightfully delicious as they always were.  Or if fruity treats aren't your thing, why not delve into a sweet jar or honeycomb of honey?  


From morning ‘til night, there isn’t a meal that can’t be improved with a dollop of gourmet preserve. From carefully simmered super fruity breakfast spreads to tangy chutneys that give new life to leftovers, our luxury preserves are a store cupboard treat no kitchen should be without.

For breakfast in bed with a little something special, choose one of our oh-so-fruity preserves, served up in our signature embossed glass jar topped with a traditional flip top ceramic lid. If it wasn’t for the label, you could pass them off for homemade! For a classic British breakfast, choose sweet and delicate Strawberry Preserve – simmered slowly to keep whole, juicy berries for a wonderfully textured jam. For the perfect partner to home-made scones, try our flavour-packed Black Cherry Preserve. Wonderfully sweet and sticky, and even better smeared into chocolate sponge for a modern twist on black forest flavours.

Prefer something more citrussy? Our Season’s Pick Marmalade is the ultimate treat – made with 75 per cent fruit and slowly simmered for a sweet, zesty flavour. Perfect on hot buttered toast or slathered on a warm, buttery croissant.

For a preserve that’s as good for bakes as it is for breakfast, grab a jar of our smooth and buttery lemon curd. Made simply with lemon juice and zest for a super zingy flavour, this classic spread is delicious on toast, sandwiched between sponge cake or spooned into sweet muffins for a surprise lemon centre. With a vibrant, natural colour and smooth, gooey texture, it’s a gourmet preserve you’ll be proud to put on your table.

But our preserves range isn’t just about the sweet – our collection of traditional chutneys are the perfect addition to any picnic or cheeseboard. Want a good all-rounder that works as well with cheese as it does with pork pie? Make sure you’re never without a jar of our traditional recipe Yorkshire Chutney. Simmered slowly with just the right amount of spice, this versatile chutney is a store cupboard staple no foodie should be without. Or, if you prefer a slightly sweeter chutney, try our Fig Chutney - ripe figs and sharp apples cooked long and slow with dark brown sugar and mellow balsamic vinegar, with just a hint of cinnamon. Perfect with a chunk of cheese or spread over buttery flaky pastry and topped with goat’s cheese for a simple but delicious dish.

And no gourmet preserve collection is complete without a jar of golden honey. Our light, floral Acacia honey, with sweet vanilla flavours, is perfect spread on freshly baked bread with a slather of salty butter. Choose a jar with or without a chunk of golden honeycomb. Or, for honey that supports your body, invest in a jar of Manuka Honey 10+ - harvested from the nectar of the manuka tree and rated 10+ for its antibacterial qualities. Perfect spooned over yoghurt or stirred into hot drinks when you’re feeling under the weather, this premium New Zealand honey is the ultimate superfood.

Whatever your taste, whatever the meal, there’s a gourmet preserve in the Cartwright & Butler range guaranteed to bring a touch of luxury to your day.