Brighten up every breakfast time with a jar of decadent luxury honey. Whether you like it runny, set or flavoured honey, there's nothing better smeared on to hot buttered toast. And with a range of luxury honey like Cartwright & Butler's, you can mix it up with a different variety every day.


Melting on hot buttered toast, oozing through steaming crumpets or stirred through creamy porridge, luxury honey makes every breakfast that little bit special. Whether you want fragrant runny honey to spoon over yoghurt or thick, spreadable honey to pile on fresh out of the oven bread, there are jars in the luxury honey collection from Cartwright & Butler for you.

Want an everyday natural honey with a little something special? Try our light, floral Acacia Honey - a golden honey with a fragrant vanilla flavour. Simple and mild and served up in an embossed flip top kilner-style jar, it's a decadent addition to any breakfast table. And if you want to really up the 'wow' factor, try our Acacia Honey with a chunk of natural honeycomb.

Prefer your honey thick and spreadable? Choose one of our luxuriously thick honeys like our rich Rose Essence Honey - whipped wildflower honey with a dash of natural rose essence for a fragrant, Oriental flavour. Or for a rich, warming taste, try our Gingerbread Honey - thick and golden pure rapeseed flower honey, whipped and infused with a gingerbread spice blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove. Perfect for dolloping in your porridge on a cold winter morning.

Need a gift box for the G&T lover in your life? Add a jar of our Lime Honey infused with gin. Sweet and citrusy with a light, golden colour, this delicious spread is summer in a jar. Or why not make up a summer gift set with our Honey with Strawberry - thick, spreadable and infused with sweet strawberries. Perfect for spreading on pancakes piled high with juicy berries.

If you want a raw honey to complement your healthy eating regime, choose a natural honey like our Manuka 10+. Made from the nectar of the Manuka tree in New Zealand , this rich, earthy product is renowned for its antibacterial properties and is perfect served simply on thick, natural yoghurt with fruit, nuts and seeds. Or keep a jar on hand for when you're feeling a little off colour. Simply stir into hot water with a squeeze of lemon for a soothing drink.

For a honey that's great for baking, choose our Natural Honeycomb. Light and floral honey in it's natural packaging that's the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. Delicious drizzled into sweet treats or stirred into tea for a hint of natural sweetness, this beautiful honeycomb makes the perfect gift set.

All our honeys come packed in simply embossed flip top jars with a ceramic lid and simple swing tag with all the product information you need. You could almost pass them off as your own! Whatever your preferences, the luxury honey collection from Cartwright & Butler brings a taste of the countryside to any kitchen.