Nut Brittle

Sometimes the oldies are the best. And that’s definitely true of our traditional nut brittle. Made to a tried and tested recipe we’ve perfected over many years, our take on this old school sweet shop favourite is a careful balance of sweet and salty, set slowly for the perfect crunch.


When it comes to sweet treats, we like to keep it simple. The best ingredients carefully combined and made to tried and tested recipes that we’ve perfected over many years, all served up in beautifully simple packaging.

Our traditional nut brittle is the perfect example of where we’ve taken an old favourite and tweaked it over time to create the very best taste and the most satisfying snap. Sweet, salty, rich and creamy, a really great nut brittle is joy in a jar, and we should know, because we’ve tried a lot in pursuit of the perfect crunch.

Take our traditional Peanut Brittle. After lots of experimentation, we think we’ve found the perfect recipe and we’re sure it’ll be the best old-fashioned peanut brittle you’ll have ever tasted. Made with a combination of whole and smashed nuts for the perfect nutty texture, our brittle mix is made with just butter, vanilla, sugar, salt and nuts, simmered carefully and cooled slowly for the perfect taste and texture. Treat yourself to a carton, perfect for keeping in the cupboard for when you need a sweet fix or treat a special someone to peanut brittle in one our signature pastel flip top tins that wouldn’t look out of place in your favourite sweet shop.

Like your nut brittle with a little extra luxury? You need to try our oh-so-decadent Almond bark. Made with the same simple basic recipe as our peanut brittle, stirred through with whole almonds and almond slivers for a wonderful texture, this moreish sweet treat is then finished with a thick layer of milk chocolate for extra eating pleasure. Smooth, sweet and so special, this updated version of an old-fashioned favourite is the ultimate grown up sweet treat (it’s definitely too good for the kids). Served up in one of our cute flip top tins, finished with a simple swing tag and a bow, our Almond Bark is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth in your life. Or why not buy a tin as a sweet treat just for you.

Want to try a few more sweet treats with our traditional nut brittles? Why not make up a personalised hamper filled with all the treats you can’t wait to try. Just choose your favourite container from wicker baskets to tin hampers and classic wooden crates, then pack in all your favourite indulgences. From more sweet shop favourites like sour apple boiled sweets, oh-so-creamy butter fudge and fizzy sherbet dips to the crunchiest, crumbliest biscuits baked to perfection, there are luxury treats in the range for every taste, occasion and budget.

So, go on – treat yourself to the best old-fashioned brittle you’ll ever have tasted. Just try not to eat it all at once.