Whether you make them last for hours or devour them in seconds, there's nothing more delicious than a golden, buttery luxury toffee. Made simply to a traditional recipe, our classic toffee sweets are one of our best-sellers, and as soon as you pop one of these bite sizes pieces of heaven in your mouth, you'll understand why.


Terrific toffee for all to enjoy

Golden-coloured, buttery tasting toffee is one of the wonders of the world. Traditionally made with lashings of butter and sugar and nothing else, a luxury toffee is so simple but so delicious, and that's why we make our toffee selection in the exact same way.

Here at Cartwright & Butler, we know how to work those simple ingredients into toffee that everyone will enjoy. Meticulously mixed, expertly stretched and carefully cooled, our luxury toffee selection is a winner when it comes to our posh sweets department. The finest ingredients, mixed with decades of experience makes the best toffee you've ever tasted… trust us.

We only have two toffee sweets recipes in our range because we believe the simpler the better. We could make more varieties like nutty Brazil or roasted hazelnut, but why mess with perfection?

Discover two tried and tested toffee sensations

Soft but chewy with a wonderful golden shine, our original creamy toffee recipe is an ideal gift - for a loved one's special occasion or just as a little treat to yourself. We know what you’re thinking, “how do you add a twist without losing your signature recipe’s simple charm?” It’s simple, we added just a hint of sea salt! We took our classic recipe and created a salted caramel twist to tantalise your tastebuds even more!

This on-trend treat is carefully prepared and cooled for the perfect texture. It’s a truly remarkable present for the sweet lover who rarely strays from a classic butter recipe. Our salted caramel luxury toffee selection also comes in different packaging styles. Select from individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces of toffee bars packed into a cute cardboard carton, which can be enjoyed on the go. Or, order a stylish flip-top tin you can use over and over again, even after you've finished the treats inside!

So, choose from original toffee to Sea Salted Toffees; whichever one you select will be adored… whether it’s for you or someone else. In fact, your giftee will be jumping for joy when they receive one (or more) of these treats in the post!

Toffee for every special someone

Toffee is the perfect pick me up for those in your life who you cherish every day, and want to show how much they mean to you. If you’re wondering who to buy tasty toffee sweets for, there are plenty of people you know who would be pleasantly surprised by one of these gorgeous gifts. Plus, there are so many people, and occasions that these presents work really well for.

Take your mum and dad; they’ll go crazy when they receive one of our many hampers for parents which include soft and creamy toffee as well as other dreamy items. You could even send them a tin or two of our toffees to show your gratitude for a big job they helped you with around the house, or for babysitting last minute. If that’s the case, a thank you gift hamper from our range will work an absolute treat. They’ll soon be asking if you need any other favours just to reap the rewards!

Treat your best friends

Do you have a couple of toffee-loving friends? Well then, they’ll be ecstatic when they open a parcel addressed to them, and find tins of premium toffee inside. As soon as they see the different toffee sweets (that are all for them to gobble up), they’ll be getting stuck in immediately!

Just peruse our excellent hampers for her and choose the one that includes boxes and tins of their chewy favourites, as well as Butter Fudge and other sweet-tasting delights. And if they have quite the sweet tooth in general, our chocolate gift baskets are sure to be a hit, too. One thing’s for sure, all bases are covered when you shop with us!

Toffee sweets for your grandma and grandad

Don’t forget about your grandparents when it comes to buying toffee sweets. They’ll love one of our remarkable retro sweets hampers to celebrate a special occasion, or you can send one “just because”. Each one is filled to the brim with their old-time favourites such as traditional toffee, zingy Sherbert Pips and Rhubarb and Custard… yum!

Or, let our treasured toffee become the main feature for their big day this year, by delivering one of our blissful birthday gift hampers to their door. They’ll be absolutely elated with a box full of toffee to gorge on.

Make it sentimental…

Want to create a personalised luxury toffee selection for the aficionado in your life? Why not create your own sweet treat hamper from scratch? Luckily for you, our Build your Own Hamper option lets you do just that! Simply choose your container – a classic wicker basket, a cute retro-inspired picnic tin or a stylish Cartwright & Butler branded wooden crate. Then, choose from our range of toffee sweets, decadent confectionery, savoury nibbles and tongue-tingling teas to create a gift they’ll never forget.

Our Personalised Hampers are quite the present as well. These bundles are pre-packed with a selection of decadent toffee, sweets, crunchy snacks and hot beverages like drinking chocolate and English Breakfast Tea. But, there’s one major difference: The bespoke packaging! Type a message you want to send to your dearest friend and we’ll print it on the box’s gift sleeve. To really add that sentimental touch, you can add a picture of the two of you to the front, or the two of them if you’re sending the loved-up couple in your life an exquisite engagement hamper or a heart-warming housewarming hamper!

Send toffee to your most treasured friends and family

For a luxury toffee selection guaranteed to bring a bit of joy to you, or your loved ones every day, choose from our toffee range here at Cartwright & Butler. Our family recipe toffee sweets provide pleasure and surprise for everyone, especially when you get their gift delivered directly to their door.

And remember, if you’re not sure where to start, our customer service team is always here (and ready) to help. We can add anything you wish to your toffee order, from gift messages, personalised ribbons and engraved plaques, to make your gift really special. All you need to do is ask!