Luxury beer hampers

There’s nothing better than feeling the hops of a robust beer hitting your tastebuds, and sipping on different varieties with your closest friends and family. So, how good does a luxury beer hamper sound? Brimming with an array of different flavoured brews, alongside a host of gorgeous goodies to gorge on, our exceptional beer gift baskets are perfect for the ale aficionado in your life… or even as a treat for yourself. The tricky part? Choosing which of these alcohol hampers you’ll purchase!


Why buy beer hamper gifts?

We know we’re biased, but our craft beer hampers are truly out of this world. Why? Well, because they let your chosen giftee nibble on tasty snacks and their favourite beverage all at once! Yes, the likes of our yummy biscuit hampers are incredible… but, if you can buy your loved ones a gift box filled with their favourite beers, alongside a tin of crumbly Lemon & Dark Chocolate Viennese Whirls, it’s obvious what the winning present will be.

But why choose a beer hamper? Gifts of this kind are remarkable - simple. Plus, they match so well with the various cheeses in our range for every foodie out there to relish. For example, our incredible range of cheese hampers are perfect for the couples in your life who you’re sending a housewarming gift to, particularly if they love pairing the creaminess of a good slab of cheddar with a hoppy beer!

When to buy a luxury beer hamper?

You can buy a luxury beer hamper whenever you wish to. Perhaps purchase one on a whim as a thinking of you gift for your best chum, or a big occasion might be coming up in your diary that warrants a superb present!

Maybe it’s your mum or dad’s big day coming up and you were on the lookout for birthday hampers that will suit their tastes and preferences? Well, the search is over because there are plenty of decadent beer gift baskets that your parents will go crazy for!

Our beer bundles are also great if you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day hamper, especially if your other half’s go-to drink is beer when they get together with their friends. And let’s not forget Christmas; one of these hampers will be greatly appreciated by any family member who finds it sitting under the tree! They can enjoy the treats inside all to themselves…

Experience excellent beer food pairings

We know - beer is delicious enough, but when it’s paired with scrumptious foods it’s even mightier… Think about it, when you order a beer at your local pub, you’re always offered a bowl of nuts to indulge in – and this isn’t a mistake. Because this savoury snack pairs beautifully with your favourite ale or Pilsner. That’s why we include luxury nuts in most of our beer hampers!

Take our Beer & Nibbles Gift Box; it features a glass jar of our delicious Baked and Salted Mixed Nuts to enjoy alongside two bottles of blissful beer. Your lucky recipient can sup on a Black Sheep Chocolate Orange Stout and a Black Sheep Milk Stout - which has vanilla, coffee and chocolatey notes to savour. And our Chocolate and Beer Hamper will be a real hit with your dearest friends, too, because it combines the great flavours of rich chocolate with crisp, light beer.

Truly bespoke luxury beer hampers

As if our range of beer hampers wasn’t wonderful enough, you can even opt for one of our Personalised Hampers which brings true sentiment to your present. Simply choose the appropriate gift sleeve, or add your own special message to show them just how much thought you’ve put into this one-of-a-kind gift!

You can use our excellent Build Your Own Hamper option as well, to send them a bespoke beer hamper that was made especially for them! Choose the box best suited to their preferences, from our picnic-inspired wicker baskets to a sturdy wooden crate. Then, select their favourite beers, ranging from a bottle of York Brewery Guzzler to a Yorkshire Blackout Beer and pop it in their bundle. You can even add their favourite retro sweets into the mix, as well as a box of buttery, Sea Salted Fudge.

So, show them you’ve put true thought into their hamper by hand-selecting each and every item that goes into it!

Arrange a dazzling beer hamper delivery

Now you have a little more knowledge on the excellent tipples and snack bundles we offer, it’s time to place your order!

Whether you’re searching for beer hampers for him or her, you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal bundle to tickle their fancy. The only work you need to put in is deciding which beer gift hamper they’d love the most. How great is that? Just wait for it to arrive at their door; you’ll certainly notice their beaming grin when you see them next!