Cheese Hamper Delivery

Cheese is a glorious savoury food item; you spread it on your favourite crackers, you slice it up to make a sandwich and some of you even devour it by the chunk! However you eat this delight, you’ll know how you’d feel receiving this decadent treat in the post… absolutely thrilled! That’s why our astonishing range of cheese hampers make the ultimate gift for anyone in your life who loves this dreamy dairy product in all of its forms…


When to buy cheese gift baskets?

Cheese hampers work for any (and every) occasion, whether you want to treat your nanna to one of our cheddar-filled grandparent gift boxes or send your bestie a delicious bundle of goodies just to say you’re thinking of her.

That’s what makes them so fantastic; they’re versatile. You can spoil the man or the woman in your life with a cheesy selection – you could even get a teacher at your children’s school one of these excellent gifts. They also work beautifully with a fine glass of wine or a robust beer, which is why our beer and cheese hampers, as well as our wine and cheese hampers, are a real hit!

For a Christmas treat

Over Christmas, we love getting the specially bought cheese board out of the fridge and unwrapping it, along with the crackers from the cupboard. It’s a time that’s reminiscent of the great food we eat all year round because we adore reuniting with people over good dishes and snacks. And rightly so!

That’s why there really is nothing better than treating your cherished chums to a Christmas cheese hamper that’s brimming with goodies, especially if they go wild for a good cheddar… Popping our Ultimate Cheeseboard Hamper under their tree is a remarkable idea, because, let’s face it – this is a luxurious treat that we’d only ever wish to receive from someone else.

For a birthday surprise

Our exquisite cheese hampers function as incredible birthday gifts for your closest companions. They’re sure to bring a big, beaming smile to their face! Who needs a birthday cake when you’ve got a luxury selection of cheese-flavoured goodies to gorge on?

Our Cheese & Wine Night Selection Hamper is a winning present, every single time. There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a bottle of fruity Merlot and a selection of the best treats out there.

Trust us, cheese and wine hampers don’t get much better than this one because it not only includes a wheel of cheese, but other treats filled with cheesy flavour. Your beloved friends and family will be able to savour Roquefort Cheese Melts to their heart’s content, alongside many other snacks, including a nice helping of Baked & Salted Classic Mixed Nuts.

For loved-up couples

Is there a couple in your life who spring to mind when you even think of the word “cheese”? We all have at least one in our lives! If this is the case amongst your friends and family, you’re in luck because we cater to all of the cheese fans (and connoisseurs) out there.

Our Cheese Lover’s Selection Box is out of this world and will make the dynamic duo in your life jump for joy when they receive it. It’s filled with everything they could ever dream of, from tangy Caramelised Onion Chutney and tantalisingly-tasty Tomato and Basil Wheat Flat Breads to Water Biscuits with Sea Salt and Black Pepper. They’ll also have the extra option of simpler (but mighty) biscuits – our wonderful Water Biscuits. Of course, these make a perfect accompaniment to the wheel of Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar that also comes with this yummy food box.

The two you’re gifting to can tuck into any of our cheesy hampers for couples while unwinding after a long week at work. They can have a premium night in, without having to spend a penny for the privilege!

Build a personalised hamper filled with cheese

If you’re a little torn on which cheese hamper to buy, or want to personalise your gift to make it that bit more sentimental, you’re in luck. We offer a Build Your Own Hamper service which lets you add each of your recipient’s favourite items. There’s nothing quite like hand-selecting the present you send to someone, and this option lets you do just that. All that’s required of you is to select what all of the snacks will come in – whether it be a classic wicker basket, wooden crate or sleek gift box.

You could even opt for one of our Personalised Hampers, which come with a brilliantly, bespoke gift sleeve with a warm-hearted message on the front. Just send it straight to their door and await their undying gratitude…we've found this works especially well with our range of luxury Valentine's hampers!

Send cheese hamper gifts to your loved ones’ door

Now you know all there is to know about this creamy, savoury delight. So, you’ll be all prepped to send a blissful bundle to your favourite person… or perhaps even treat yourself to one as well. Find the ideal cheese hampers that will suit their (or your) tastes and preferences and see what all the fuss is about!