Chocolate Hamper Delivery

There’s nothing quite like the intense flavour of creamy, milk chocolate hitting your tastebuds. We go crazy for anything with chocolate in it, whether it be a biscuit or a cocktail. And that’s why we’ve brought you a collection of luxury chocolate hampers to gorge on with your favourites (or to savour for just yourself). Trust us, all of the chocoholics out there need a chocolate hamper to show them what they’re missing out on…


When to buy chocolate hamper gifts

It’s unlikely that your nearest and dearest wouldn’t appreciate one of these brilliant bundles as a gift. After all, who doesn’t love a good slab of chocolate, or even a mug of warming hot cocoa? When it comes to ordering chocolate gift baskets for your favourites, choosing which occasion to send them for can be a little tricky. But there is such a world of opportunity with these presents.

Send chocolate hampers for their birthday

Purchasing a birthday hamper is a great place to start, as your chocolate-loving pals can enjoy a dreamy delight like our Champagne and Truffle Gift Box on their big day. Send them this bundle and let them gorge on creamy truffles with a fine glass of bubbly. They can toast to whatever age they are turning with a drink in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other!

For the newly engaged couple…

There may be a friend in your life who’s announced their partner has popped the question, and both love nibbling on chocolate while watching their favourite film together. In which case, a chocolate hamper is an amazing present to buy, to celebrate this monumental occasion.

Luckily, we have a diverse range of engagement hampers filled with milky pleasures to choose from. And we have plenty of tremendous hampers for couples to enjoy, packed with wonderful chocolate-flavoured items.

For some Christmas cheer

The festive period is also a great way to introduce these boxes to your loved ones’ life. Our Christmas hampers are brimming with decadent chocolates to please every palate, each being easy enough to slide under the Xmas tree before the 25th arrives!

Treat your mum and your dad to our Chocolate and Fizz Hamper to get heads turning (and become the favourite child in no time!). They can feast on melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Drop Shortbread Rounds, rich Chocolate Wafer Crispies, Dark Drinking Chocolate, a tin of Belgian Chocolate Fudge and a bottle of Pure Prosecco, as well as even more scrumptious items.

The perfect chocolate pairings

One thing we all love about this stuff is that it pairs so well with many other indulgences. It’s not a matter of gobbling up chocolate on its own, but enjoying it with some of your other favourite foods (and drinks), too.

Chocolate and coffee pair particularly well together, and the same goes for biscuits – because, let’s face it, any biscuit covered with rich chocolate will go down a treat! You can also enjoy a good pint of beer with chocolate, which is why our Chocolate and Beer Hamper is such a hit. So, a chocolate hamper gift is an excellent idea to send to your friends and family, because it combines the perfect chocolate pairings for them to savour with glee.

Create your own chocolate hamper

Perhaps the chocolate fiend in your life has an acquired taste, or you just want to hand-select each goodie that goes into these tasty chocolate hampers? In which case, our Build Your Own Hamper service is the ideal gift. You can simply select what you’d like to pop in either a wicker picnic basket, metal box, sturdy wooden crate or glamorous gift box, and send it their way.

These serve well as an anniversary gift. After all, it feels that bit more sentimental, with your partner knowing you’ve chosen each product yourself - and the same applies with our Valentine’s Day hampers. Not to mention, this makes for a perfect Mother’s Day hamper or a Father’s Day gift, as you can include everything you know they’d love for their special day.

Our Personalised Hampers are also pretty special; they allow you to add bespoke gift sleeves to your order, with a message embossed on the front for your recipient to treasure forever. The world really is your oyster with these precious presents!

Choose one of our indulgent chocolate gift hampers

There truly is something for anyone (and any occasion) from this yummy collection. Whether you’re looking for hampers for her, for him or your dearest grandparents, there’s something in this range to please.

And with our speedy delivery service, we’ll ensure you get any of these chocolate hampers delivered to your door quickly - and easily. Just peruse our extensive range of delicious delights and spoil those that mean the most to you, whatever the occasion.