Coffee Hampers & Food Gifts

Need a gift for that special someone who loves a really good brew? Send them a luxurious tea hamper or coffee gifts with delivery direct to their door. Packed with the most refreshing teas and flavoursome coffees, Cartwright & Butler's tea and coffee gifts are the little indulgences they can enjoy every single day.


Our tea and coffee gifts

For your favourite people who love hot beverages, our tea and coffee gift sets are sure to please. Whether your friends love a stern coffee to keep them energised at work, or they just adore dipping their favourite biscuits in a creamy mug of tea, we’ve got you covered.
Maybe they love a cup of flavour-packed coffee to kickstart their day or prefer a cup of delicate leaf tea to ease them into the morning? Either way, a tea hamper or the host of coffee hampers in the Cartwright & Butler range will suit any (and every) occasion. 

From dark roast coffee to the lightest, most fragrant Earl Grey, we pack our tea and coffee hampers full of our favourite blends and brews. After all, these are a real treat for any hot drink lover, and they bring a touch of luxury to every break time!

Fine coffee for prime coffee hampers

Coffee is a robust drink – a sharp hot beverage with a soft edge, bursting with flavour – which can be dimmed down a little with the addition of sugar or varying types of milk. And of course, our range is simply splendid – especially when you’re looking to purchase coffee hamper gifts.

Want to impress your hosts with an extra special after dinner gift? Present them with our After Dinner Coffee Blend presented in a stylish flip-fastening caddy. Intense, bold and full-bodied, this coffee is a unique blend of 100% Arabica beans, which are roasted for a dark, chocolatey flavour. Drinking a cup of this is the perfect way for your loved ones to end a delicious meal! 

Want to win extra brownie points? Add a tin of Dark Chocolate Mint Thins. These are gorgeous slivers of crisp, rich chocolate infused with mint oil, packed into a cute presentation box. Bringing these along to your favourite person’s house for dinner is a sure-fire way to make sure you get invited again!

Our medium roast, 100% Arabica Café York Blend also makes a delicious cup of joe! You can gift it to your favourites in a carton or a smart caddy – it all depends on how much you’re looking to spend. It can be enjoyed all day, at any time – so the coffee lover in your life will be thrilled to receive such a rich drink, alongside the other tasty treats that feature in their coffee hampers. You can even add your own special message to the sleeve, to make it a personalised gift hamper they'll never forget.

Tea gift baskets: Let them try tea with a difference

We offer oodles of teas for you to pack into a special tea hamper, whether that’s as a pick-me-up treat for your nearest and dearest or a special present to yourself! So, if you’re looking for an elegant gift for the tea lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place…

Luxury loose leaf teas

Choose our delicately flavoured loose leaf Green Tea with Jasmine. This drink sensation comes all the way from the mountains of China, packed into a reusable flip fastening tin. And if this beautiful beverage wasn't special enough, it's finished with vibrant marigold flowers to make even a mid-week cuppa feel like a special occasion. Plus, it's a great alternative to a traditional British brew when you want to serve up afternoon tea with extra class.

And our Peppermint Tisane Blend Loose Leaf Tea is perfect for those who take an interest in boosting their metabolism, and love a light, minty hot beverage over one with milk. The peppermint leaves bring out the true flavour of this dreamy drink and provides a refreshing cup of tea for all to sip.

Blissful black tea 

It’s no secret that decadent English breakfast tea is one of the leading hot drinks in England. And we offer you the chance to add these delightful drinks to your tea hamper gifts, in a variety of different formats. 

If your friends crave a quick and easy brew, our carton of fine English Breakfast Tea is your go-to. These are tea bags, rather than loose-leaf products and will sit perfectly in your tea hamper of choice. So, if your loved one’s enjoy brewing their tea to really unpack its full flavour, send them our English Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea in a smart and sleek caddy – which they can reuse!

Our rich tin of fragrant Earl Grey is a fantastic addition to your tea hamper gifts, especially for those friends who get bored of drinking the same black tea day in, day out! Not to mention, our refreshing Carton of Afternoon Tea is a winning beverage; it brings a light and refreshing tea for your tastebuds to savour. 

This type of tea is grown at a medium altitude to ensure its more delicate flavour (than the likes of English breakfast). It’s called afternoon tea for a reason – because it is best enjoyed once it’s turned noon and you’re ready to wash your food down with a hot mug of tantalising tea. 

Build your own tea and coffee hampers

Need to create the ultimate treat? You can choose from our range of ready-made luxury gift baskets, or create your own with a selection of their favourite items. Whether you're searching for a hamper for him or her, just choose their brew of choice - like our tongue-tingling whole leaf English Breakfast tea or our rich Cafe York blend coffee - then choose the treats to go with it. 

Simply pick your container, then fill it with teatime luxuries like our Cherry and Almond Loaf Cake - presented in a cute pastel tin and piled high with sweet cherries and crunchy almond slivers. Or, add our oh-so-buttery Lemon Zest Shortbread Rounds, which are perfect for dunking in a cup of fragrant Earl Grey. Then, finish off your gift basket with melt-in-the-mouth Butter Oat Crumbles, our very best Belgian Chocolate Selection and moreish Butter Fudge, piled high in a reusable tin - for a treat they won't forget in a hurry.

Get a tea hamper and coffee hampers delivered to their door

You might not have the time to hand deliver your chosen hamper, or your friend may live a little further afield. Not to worry; all of our tea hampers are available with next day delivery. Plus, we provide special offers to help make your gift budget go further. 

So, when you need a refreshingly different gift for the connoisseur in your life, choose tea and coffee gift hampers from Cartwright & Butler. Your lucky recipient will be absolutely thrilled. Or if it’s for yourself – you can start drinking your chosen brew in no time!