Vegan Hampers

Nothing beats a bundle of divine goodies being sent your loved ones’ door, and the Cartwright & Butler luxury vegan hampers are a sublime option for those friends and family who steer clear of eggs and dairy. There should always be decadent delights to purchase as a gift for every recipient, and these flavour-packed gift baskets are sure to wow the crowd.


Why buy a luxury vegan hamper?

Sometimes, it can be a little difficult to find vegan hampers that are bursting with a range of goodies, as so many items contain milk and other animal-derived products. But it should never be a difficult task to find a vegan treat for your bestie, partner or parent(s).

There are more and more wonderful selections on the market these days, although you can’t always find luxury vegan hampers. And that’s why we’ve put these blissful bundles together, to help you shower them with love – without them having to worry if they’ve been given a present that has dairy or eggs included in the ingredients.

When to send vegan gift baskets

Our vegan food baskets are delightful, and you’re probably ogling at the sight of them already. Although, you might be stuck on what occasion to buy them for. Well, you don’t always need a celebratory event to send some goodies their way, but there are some that spring to mind.

For instance, you could send your chosen recipient one of our cracking Vegan Gift Hampers for a celebratory birthday. Because let’s face it, whatever age they’re turning this year, they will still adore Rhubarb and Custard Sweets in a Carton, Caramelised Onion Chutney and the Seeded Beetroot Flatbread included in this bundle. There’s a lot more for them to relish inside, too!

And let’s not forget about the big occasion that is Christmas… Because we have a Vegan Selection Box in our Christmas gifts range that will tantalise their tastebuds and really suits the festive vibes. Our vegan food hampers will be perfect presents for him, for her and for mum (and dad).

But occasions aside, you could surprise them with a delicious vegan hamper, that’s been bought as a thinking of you gift. They will truly appreciate the thought (and effort) you’ve gone to, as your most treasured friend might just need a pick-me-up.

Build your own luxury vegan hamper

Perhaps you want to get a personalised birthday or Christmas gift for your vegan friend? If that’s the case, you’re in luck because we offer a bespoke box for you to make your own and fill with all of their favourite treats. Our Build Your Own Hampers let you pop in all of the best goodies for them to gorge on, but what’s better is, they’ll have all been hand-selected by you!

Trust us, they’ll be absolutely delighted when they hear a knock on their door and answer it to one of our deluxe vegan hampers, which has been designed entirely by you. All you need to do is select which box you want to send their treats in, such as a rustic picnic basket or sturdy wooden (and reusable) crate. Then, let the magic begin as you choose which foods they’ll most enjoy, and add them to your premium present.

Choose a vegan food hamper from Cartwright & Butler

Every item in the vegan gift basket you send will pleasantly surprise your giftee. And this is exactly why we put these boxes of treats together in the first place – to put smiles on everyone’s faces. So, explore our dreamy selection of hampers to suit their tastes and preferences.