Luxury tea

Treat yourself every time you brew up with tongue-tingling teas from Cartwright & Butler. From perky morning blends to soothing herbal infusions, there's a luxury tea for every taste and any time of the day. Whether you're looking for a little gift or stocking up to treat yourself, there's a delicious blend in this range for you to sip with joy!


Posh tea for you to sip

What could be more British than a pot of luxury tea? Whether you love a classic cuppa with milk and biscuits or prefer herbal loose-leaf tea that you can enjoy all day long, we've got just the drink for you. And when you need the ideal gift for the tea addict in your life, our beautifully presented posh tea tins are the everyday treat that they'll just love. Whether you’re hoping to find celebratory hampers for parents who just adore a good cuppa at any opportunity or birthday gift hampers for your tea-addict best friend, there’s something from this sumptuous series of hot beverages for them to relish!

Made with whole leaf tea from our favourite growers, our luxury teabags turn every brew into a special occasion. From refreshing English Breakfast tea to on-trend chai, our range is divine and diverse, including loose-leaf, pyramid and standard varieties. This means you can enjoy the tastiest tea without needing any special kit to make it with!

Available in cartons, caddies or clip top tins, we've got a complete selection of prized products for tea lovers, whatever your taste or budget. And what’s better is, you can purchase a biscuit gift hamper for those you cherish the most, which includes their favourite varieties of tea and crumbly biscuits. Yum!

Luxury tea bags to suit every taste

A cup of tea should always be special, after all, we make them often enough. So, every sip should be pleasurable (and worth the wait). Luckily for you, we have an array of posh tea bags to start your day, get you through the day and even some to help you kick back and relax on an evening. But which of these hot beverages is available and what blend are they?

Opt for a tremendous twist on a classic

When you need a cuppa to get you going in the morning, our English Breakfast black tea is a perfect choice, and one of our most popular posh tea blends. Made with a blend of Kenyan Kangaita Pekoe and Assam for a rich, malty taste, it acts as a wonderful pick me up to start your day. Many of our tasty tea and coffee gifts include a carton, or tin of this fabulous stuff, so you can choose the bundle best suited to your (or your giftee’s) tastes.

Posh tea with a kick

If you want luxury tea bags packed with spice to warm you up on a winter morning, try out whole leaf Chai - a brilliant blend of the finest black Ceylon tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove and calendula petals for a warming hug in a mug!

Maybe you fancy something a little more refined for your afternoon tea break? Try our fragrant Earl Grey Celebrated Blend. This beauty is made with tea grown in the mountains of southern India; paired with natural bergamot flavour, a handful of orange peels and cornflowers. It’s gorgeous with a dash of milk and one of our oh-so-buttery shortbread biscuits! Each of these blends can be found in our thank you gift hampers, so if you’re looking to show your gratitude – do it with tea!

Decaffeinated delights

For an after-dinner or “end of the day” drink without the added caffeine, try our Peppermint Tisane Blend. This happens to be one of our most popular speciality teas. We’ve carefully blended dried peppermint leaves with a handful of safflowers, which are historically used to help with insomnia. We can't guarantee it'll make you sleep, but we can guarantee it's as delicious as it sounds! It’s luxury tea at its finest.

For green tea fanatics

If you prefer green tea, why not try our fragrant take on this ancient oriental favourite? Our loose-leaf tea with rose petals is light and floral and perfect at any time of the day. You can also find our rose and classic green tea in tea bags, which are biodegradable, meaning your convenient cuppa doesn't have to impact the planet. How brilliant is that?

And our zingy Citrus Green Tea is an excellent choice for the people in your life who often steer away from traditional, highly caffeinated beverages. These posh tea bags are packed with flavour and boast so many health benefits, what’s not to love? So, if you’re searching for Mother’s Day hampers that will please her palate while also racking up good rewards, opt for bundles featuring this knockout tea. She’ll be grinning from ear to ear, and sipping a cup at any given opportunity!

Maybe you’re looking for a soothing sensation that’s a little different from our other luxury tea bags? Try a carton of our Chamomile Whole Leaf variety. This tea is a great addition to our collection of hampers for grandparents because your grandma and grandpa can sip a cup before bed and unwind while watching their favourite show.

Build luxury tea gifts yourself

No matter whether they are little or large, our luxury tea gifts are sure to bring a smile to your favourite people’s faces. But if you’re wanting to go the extra mile, send them one of our Personalised Hampers. Each one is packed with decadent nibbles and tongue-tingling posh teas – the key difference being the box it arrives in. These premium presents come wrapped with a bespoke gift sleeve which you have complete control over.

You can add a photograph to the front, featuring your giftee enjoying one of your afternoon tea experiences together, or add a charismatic message to the front that means something to you both. Either way, they will be feeling pretty giddy when this sentimental parcel of posh tea bags arrives at their door!

And if you’re hoping to hand-select the teas your recipient receives, rather than sending them a pre-prepared bundle, you can do just that with our Build Your Own Hamper option. Simply select what box you’ll be sending them in; choose from a picnic-style wicker basket, gift box, wooden crate or coloured aluminium tin. Then pick from a diverse range of fancy tea bags, and even add in a carton of our delightful drinking chocolate so they can switch between the two!

Premium tea delivered to your door

Tea doesn't have to come in dusty bags, wrapped in a cardboard box! Because great tea that’s perfectly packaged and bursting with flavour is one of life's little pleasures. So, bring some indulgence to your (or someone else’s) every day with high-quality, posh tea from Cartwright & Butler. You’ll never return to shop-bought kinds again…