Boiled Sweets

However old you are, nothing takes you back to your childhood quicker than a jar of traditional sweet shop treats. Whether you're a sucker for a rhubarb and custard or love a handful of fruity sherbet pips, our traditional boiled sweets are guaranteed to bring a little joy to your day.


Want a food gift that'll bring a little happiness to their day? Treat them from our range of old school boiled sweets - perfectly packaged sweet treats that are too good to share. From tried and tested traditional flavours to tongue-tingling sours, our range of traditional sweets are sure to bring back happy memories for loved ones young and old.

Choose from a range of sweet treats packed into cute cartons or our signature embossed glass jars topped with a ceramic lid with a clip fastening - perfect for creating your own personal sweet shop in your kitchen cupboard. Want to create a truly personal gift for the loved one with a sweet tooth? Why not create your own traditional boiled sweets hamper from scratch and fill it full of all their favourites. Just choose your container - a classic wicker basket, retro-style tin picnic hamper or a stylish reusable wooden storage crate. Then take your pick of traditional boiled sweets to fill it up and have it delivered direct to their door. Whatever you need, our customer service team is happy to help.

Love a boiled sweet with a sharper side? Choose our vibrant Sour Apple Sweets - vibrant apple flavoured balls that start out sweet and dissolve into tangy sourness. Like a bit of spice in your sweets? Try our traditional Aniseed Humbugs - old fashioned boiled sweets that have been around since the 19th century. We make ours to an old north-east recipe using only the most flavoursome aniseed oil, for quality sweets that are are a real taste sensation.

Want to remember those childhood seaside holidays without having to endure the British weather? Choose our cute Pattern Fruit Candies - hard boiled fruit flavour sweets with beautiful patterned designs. Available in a beautifully designed carton (perfect for treating yourself) or our signature clip top glass jars (great for a thoughtful token gift), these hard boiled sweets are as stylish as they are moreish... there's no way you'll stop at just one.

For a taste of school lunchtime corner shop runs, how about some 1970s-inspired Cola Cubes - vibrant red cola-flavoured hard boiled sweets coated with a generous dusting of sugar. Or, were sherbet lemons your sweets of choice? Try our super cute Sherbet Pips - vibrant balls of boiled sugar with an explode in your mouth sharp sherbet centre. Bright, colourful and incredibly moreish, these fizzy fruit drops are sure to be a firm favourite.

Whether you're buying for a birthday, sending a friend a gift to brighten up their day, or stocking up so you've got your favourite sweets on hand whenever you fancy them, there's a sweet treat in the Cartwright & Butler range for you. Which one will you choose?