Home Made Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Make Your Own Father's Day Gifts

We all know that the best gifts are the ones that are truly personal. Personalised gifts show you’ve really thought about the recipient and what they’d love.  After all, does anybody really want to receive socks?  If you’re looking for a genuinely personalised father’s day gift then why not consider making something yourself.  Say I love you Dad this father’s day with a hand made gift they’ll adore. 

Father's Day Gifts Make Your Own

Our creative team have got our heads together and come up the following ideas to make your dad’s day one to remember. 


1. Homemade jams & chutneys for Dad

It’s no surprise that we’ve made this suggestion, after all Cartwright & Butler are renowned for our delicious luxury jams and chutneys.  However, if you’ve a little time on your hands and want to have a go yourself this can make a wonderfully personal present for the big man in your life. 
Stick to tried and tested recipes or if you’re feeling brave, mix up a unique combination that’s exclusive to you and personal to your recipient.  How about thinking of balsamic beetroot and orange chutney or how about a fruity blackcurrant and raspberry preserve? 

Remember to save up your old jam jars to recycle for the occasion. Simply make sure you've steeped them for 10 minutes in boiling water to kill any bacteria that may get into your delicious jam and spoil it.  Once you've created your jam or chutney and carefully transferred it into the perfect container, its time to make the label.  

Now it’s the time to get crafty.  Get out your paint, colouring pens or crayons and the sky’s the limit.  Decorate with glitter, or keep it simple with a 'Dad's Own Jam/Chutney, love from you' message.  Or if you’re a bit of a tech wizard, design and print your own labels using your home printer.  The choice is yours!  Now you’ve made a hand made label to truly top off your creation why not, if you’re feeling particularly generous, pair with some tasty biscuits or scones.  Psst: if you need a little hand, we’ve a super collection of sweet & savoury biscuits and flatbreads just waiting to pair with your fabulous chutney creation! 

2. Personalised ‘Best Dad’ Apron 

For the Chef, or wanna-be Chef in your family.  If Dad fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey, or just likes to keep his clothes clean when he’s manning the BBQ, a personalised apron could be the perfect Father’s Day gift idea. 

Buy in a plain cotton apron - these can be purchased really cheaply from most of the usual suspects, or if you’re particularly crafty, why not have a go at making your own?  Whilst you’re there, remember to pop some fabric markers into your basket, you’re going to need these to decorate the apron with later. 

Now get inspiration for your design - remember you only get one chance, fabric markers tend to be pretty permanent!  Tip: Draw out your design on paper first if it helps!  Now it’s time to create your masterpiece and voila!   

Make sure to follow the instructions from the fabric marker’s manufacturer.  Some will require heat to set the design, others may not.  Fathers Day Gifting.  Sorted.  Or, whilst we’re on the cookery theme how about a… 

3. Personalised ‘Dad’ spatula 

If Dad loves his BBQ - and let’s be honest here, who doesn’t. To match his apron, what about a personalised cooking spatula?   Sure, you can find yourself a hundred or so companies who will make you a personalised spatula, but what is truly more personalised than one you've created (or at least customised) with your very own fair hands?  Here's how to make it:

Firstly, choose yourself a suitable spatula - a wooden handled one might be best for this job.  Just check the finish on the wood, is it varnished oiled, waxed or without a finish?  For this task you're probably best to try and find one that's naked, as the paints will adhere better to the surface.

Find yourself some suitable paints. Acrylic paints, or modelling paints might be best for this one.   Think about your design, does he have a favourite colour or two or perhaps a favourite sports team he likes to support whose colours might just be perfect for this task.

Now get to work with your customisation and look forward to seeing his face when he opens his brand new, unique BBQ tool.  

4. Personalised Dad Sweetie Jar 

fathers day personalised dad sweets

We all know a dad with a sweet tooth.  Whether chocolate, cake, biscuits or just good old fashioned sweets, who doesn’t look forward to receiving a luxury sweet treat?  This one’s possibly the easiest father’s day gift for sweet toothed dads.  Simply fill a jar - as large or small as you like with his favourite sweets.  Whether he's a fruit salad, wham bar or a good old fashioned rhubarb & custard aficionado, he'll be delighted with whatever you choose.

The only thing hard about this task is trying not to eat all the sweets yourself.  Perhaps it's best to buy extra just in case you can't resist.  After all a sweet tooth tends to run in the family!

Create a beautiful bespoke label, and voila!  Dad’s personal sweetie stash, lovingly hand made by his favourite child (that’s you of course). 

5. DIY Popcorn Snacks for Fathers Day

Another easy peasy but high impact gift for Father’s Day, we know that any snacking dad will love.  The beauty of popcorn is that it can be made to suit any tastes, from sweet to salty!  All you need for this is a nice clean jar, some popping corn and a nice personalised hand designed label for the front. 

How about adding a movie night to the gift - a Dad & daughter movie night to go alongside his popcorn. He'll love the opportunity to share his favourite movie with you and some fresh homemade popcorn.  

DIY Popcorn Fathers Day Gift


6. Personalised Father's Day Hampers

With all the best intentions, we know life can get a bit busy, so just in case you didn’t get chance to create a lovely personalised father’s day gift for dad, we’ve got your back with our personalised Build Your Own Hamper service. You can choose from a huge amount of delicious luxury food goodies, and even better personalise them with a sleeve and your own message! 

You can choose from a pre-designed hamper filled with goodies pre-selected by our experts, or if you prefer, make your own with our build your own hamper service where you can select the hamper or tin and fill it full of goodies of your choice and have it shipped direct to your dad’s front door.  The easy way to create incredible Father’s Day gifts.