How to recreate your very own luxury spa day at home

Setting aside some time to relax and unwind is so important for our physical health and mental wellbeing, and what better way to do so than with an indulgent spa day at home? We’ve put together a list of home spa ideas that are easy and affordable, allowing you to pamper yourself to the full without even needing to leave the house.

It’s all about ambience

Person pouring lavender essential oils into diffuser for home spa

The first place to start is by creating the right atmosphere. This can differ according to preference, although you really can’t go wrong with a few scented candles and soothing music. These two simple additions will help to set the scene and engage the senses, putting you in the mood for a luxurious spa day at home.

You could also use an essential oil diffuser if you have one, as this will enhance the heavenly scent and calming ambience.

Grab your towels and robe

Woman with brown eyes staring into reflection with towel on head and body

What would a spa day at home be without something soft to wear? To create the right effect, we recommend large white towels that can be wrapped around the head and body when needed, although you can, of course, use any colour of towel that happens to be going spare.

You’ll also need your comfiest robe or dressing gown and perhaps some slippers, as there’s no way you’ll be getting properly dressed today!

Soak your toes

Person soaking toes in bubbly foot spa

The candles are lit, Alexa is playing chilled out tunes, and you’re wearing a big, fluffy robe – looks like you’re ready for your at-home spa day! It’s now time to give those aching feet a good old rest, so either grab your foot spa if you have one or simply fill a bowl with warm water and sprinkle in a generous helping of bath salts.

Whilst your little piggies are having a break, make sure to treat yourself to a few of our speciality sweet treats, with our luxurious range of chocolate hampers.

Do nothing for at least 15 minutes

Person touch aromatherapy mist

That’s right, this step is all about doing absolutely nothing. Simply sit there as your feet become soft and wrinkly and don’t worry about a thing. Mindfulness is a crucial part of a spa day at home, so take at least a quarter of an hour to clear your mind of stress and focus on what’s right in front of you.

Inhale the delightful aromas from your candles and oil diffuser, think about how warm and soft your feet feel, and really appreciate the rich flavour of the chocolate on your tongue. The essence of mindfulness is to reconnect with our bodies and the sensations they’re experiencing at that very moment – the pile of washing that needs doing is not to be given any attention whatsoever during your at-home spa day.

Scrub away!

Wooden exfoliating scrubber laid on bathroom tile with artificial leaves

Next up, pop into the shower or bath and carry out a full body exfoliation. Use your favourite product, such as a dead sea salt scrub that removes dull skin and leaves your entire body feeling smooth, fresh and energised.

Take your time too, as this is your special at-home spa day and there really is no rush. If the postie knocks at the door they can surely leave the parcel with a neighbour – nothing should interrupt this opportunity to soothe the muscles and reinvigorate the skin with plenty of lovely hot water.

Enjoy a facial steam

Once you’ve left the bathroom and patted yourself dry, pop on your robe and open up your facial pores even further with a good steam. This can be done using a facial steamer or simply a bowl of boiling water – just make sure to be careful if it’s the latter.

Add a few drops of essential oil and breathe in those pleasant aromas! The steam will clear your sinuses, increase circulation, promote natural collagen production, hydrate your skin and also help it to better absorb skincare products

It’s time for skincare

Reflection of woman with brown hair doing skin care routine with hand

You can now apply all of your favourite skincare products, plus maybe a few that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. We’re talking thick body butter from the neck down, plus of course a full routine for your face – cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, and a gentle lip scrub followed by a protective balm.

Make sure to remove the head towel and dry your hair, then apply some argan oil to replenish dry ends. This will nourish your beautiful locks, leaving them soft and shiny whilst you’re enjoying the rest of your me-time.

Grab a snack

All this self-care can be hungry work! Time to grab a nutritious snack, such as some mouth-watering savoury biscuits. But what will you spread on them during your at-home spa day? It needs to be something special, so how about a spoonful of one of our traditional preserves, or delectable honeys?

Give yourself a massage

Woman with brown curly hair in robe giving herself head massage

Unless you’re enjoying a spa day at home with a friend or partner, you’ll have to give yourself a massage. That’s no problem though, as self-massage is a popular inclusion in any at-home spa day and can be just as enjoyable. Simply decide which parts of your body require the most attention, such as areas of your back, legs, feet and hands that are feeling tired or knotted.

It's amazing how effective a self-massage can be using just your hands, although we recommend treating yourself to a handheld electric massager too. This gives you the ability to reach down to your middle and lower back, which is where many people retain most of their tension.

Make yourself a cuppa

Clear glass mug filled with herbal tea sat on straw patch with yellow flowers

Tea is an excellent beverage to enjoy during an at-home spa day due to its many health benefits. Aside from being delicious, tea also hydrates the body, calms the mind, fills your system with antioxidants and supports digestion. We have a wide variety of luxury teas available, or treat yourself to a selection with one of our tea and coffee hampers.

Watch a movie

Having fully cleansed, moisturised and massaged your body, it’s time to get comfy on the sofa and watch one of your favourite flicks. Even if you’re a huge fan of action and horror movies, it’s a good idea to choose something lighter, such as a rom-com or a Disney film. The last thing you want is to become anxious after all of your pampering, plus laughter is an excellent addition to an at-home spa day as it increases your intake of oxygen, encourages the release of endorphins and relieves any remaining stress!

Have some more choccy

You’re taking time off for a spa day at home, so you must remember that it’s all about indulging in the things you love most. If that means having a few more tasty snacks and confectionery such as some creamy fudge, luxury toffee, or delicious Turkish Delight… we promise your secret’s safe with us!

Now you know how to have a spa day at home and return to everyday life feeling refreshed, revitalised and full of energy, let us know how you spent your at-home spa day by sharing your photos on social media! Or, head on over to our blog for more lifestyle and foodie inspiration!