A Tea Story

If Cartwright & Butler stand for one thing it’s excellence. As a company, we’re not interested in delivering something that’s good enough or simply better than what’s already out there. 

No, our aim is to create genuine moments of happiness with our products

So, we’ve been taking a long, hard look at our products and asked one question, is this the very best version we can make? 

Where the answer is no, we pledge to put it right. 

First up was our tea range.  

We started back at the beginning and went on a tour of tea plantations, finally settling on a tea grower in Sri Lanka who shared our obsession for quality tea. Working along side them we concentrated on creating two teas that still delivered on taste while still offering all the convenience of a teabag.

Our English Breakfast, is a classically robust, strong-flavoured tea made from Ceylon’s finest black tea, which is handpicked and packed at source in Sri Lanka, for even greater freshness.

While our Earl Grey, is made from the same fine black tea from Ceylon as our English breakfast to give us the strong base necessary to be a foil to the bright, citrusy bergamot.

And because we’re from Yorkshire, where tea must be strong and full of flavour, we only use dual chamber bags in which we put a hefty 3g of tea. (The standard 2g in a flat bag just don’t cut it for us.)  

So you’re guaranteed a proper good and strong Northern cuppa, every time.

But this was just the beginning. Next we brought in the tea expert and master-blender, Will Battle, to develop a new range of whole leaf teas for us.

These extremely high-quality blends, perfected over many months, come in both pyramid teabags and loose-leaf caddies. The range includes:

A Superior English Breakfast, which uses not one but two types of rich and full-bodied Assam black tea blended with a Kenyan black tea for its bright, sharp notes.

A Superior Earl Grey which uses a base of Indian black tea grown at high altitude on the famous Glendale Estate, which is then lightened with both cornflowers, orange peel and, of course bergamot .

A refreshing Peppermint tea (Available mid 2018) that uses Safflowers to balance the sweet sharpness of fine, whole leaf peppermint.

An exceptionally light and refreshing Jasmine Green Tea blend (Available mid 2018), two-thirds Sencha green tea, one third Jasmine, brought together with a generous scattering of marigold flowers.

Purchase our luxury teas today and start sipping!

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