C&B The Rosedale Hamper (Large Wooden Crate)


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Rosedale is pretty much in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is astonishingly beautiful, so it’s apt that our largest hamper crate should be named after it. This exceptional hamper is brimming full with our famous produce. Everything from sweets to preserves and marmalades, to a selection of teas, to an impressive range sweet and savoury biscuits. This is the sort of hamper you really only give to those people you think of as being very special in your life.


C&B Mint Imperials Sweets, C&B Lemon &Tangerine slice mix sweets, C&B Goji berries in dark Chocolate, C&B Fine Cut English Breakfast Marmalade, C&B Yorkshire Chutney, C&B Apricot Preserve, C&B Honey Comb in a window tin, C&B Tea in Carton Earl Grey, C&B Tea in Carton English Breakfast, C&B Rosemary & Focaccia Bread Thins, C&B Tomato and Basil WheatFlat Bread, C&B Café York Blend Coffee in a Caddy, C&B Salted Caramel Biscuits in a Tin, C&B Chocolate Wafer Crispies, C&B Apricot & Fig Loaf Cake In a Loaf Tin, C&B White Chocolate Slab & Peach & Raspberries in a Tin, C&B Olive and Garlic Wheat Flat Bread, C&B Chocolate Oat Crumbles, C&B Butter Shortbread, C&B Toffee Apple Biscuits in a all Tin,