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Classy Christmas home décor ideas

As Andy Williams once sang, it’s (nearly) the “most wonderful time of the year”. And as well as your Christmas shopping commencing, so will the decoration process to really enjoy the festivities.

Perhaps you really want to spruce up your home by incorporating some Christmas home décor? In which case, we can help you on your way; we have a whole host of ideas to share with you.

So, read on to discover the classiest Christmas decoration ideas for every room in your house. You certainly won’t regret it…

Christmas home décor for your living room

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At Christmas (and pretty much all year round), we spend a hefty amount of time in our living room space. So, it’s really important that we bring chic Christmas interior design to our most visited room in the house. But where to start?

Here are a few of our tremendous Christmas décor ideas to bring festive cheer to your luxurious lounge.

Add a range of metallics to your space

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Mixing metallic décor in your home is a great way to add a touch of Xmas luxury to your living room. You can do this by adding golden colours to truly bring out your Christmas décor.

Think: silver, rose gold and yellow gold baubles and place them in a large glass jar on your mantlepiece. Then, add some warm-toned fairy lights to your mirrors, or draped across your cabinets and coffee table. Also, you could scatter tealight candles for a warm and cosy ambience – which is precisely what Christmas is all about!

Introduce a statement wreath

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At Christmas, we expect to find a beautifully coloured wreath hanging on our loved one’s front door when we arrive at their humble abode. But that’s not the only place you can add this prime piece in order to bring the Christmas décor.

Instead, you can hang a wreath that incorporates brassy coloured leaves above your mantlepiece, wrapped in fairy lights to bring the cosiness of Yuletide to your living room space (but with a chic edge). Also, ensure you eradicate any brash red wreaths from your Christmas decoration ideas. Instead, bring a warmer-coloured statement piece as a substitute. You certainly won’t regret this decision, trust us!

Christmas bedroom décor

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When it comes to interior design, Christmas ideas are plentiful, especially for your bedroom. You may dismiss this room initially, but you can introduce subtle bits and bobs to bring the festive cheer to life. But how can you achieve amazing Christmas décor?

Incorporate outside textures inside

We associate Christmas with the traditional Fir tree (or Norway Spruce) which we add to our living room space. However, you can add true character to your Christmas bedroom décor by adding a Christmas garland into the mix. Simply drape it across your headboard, your side cabinets or even your mirror. This introduces the outdoor feel of Christmas inside, and into your favourite room of the house – which is, of course, the one you sleep in!

Keep your bedroom well-lit

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We’d recommend dotting candles all around your bedroom, whether that be simple tea lights or in a cheery painted lantern, scatter them around this room on your sideboard or window ledge. Then, light them to add the perfect, cosy ambience to your sleeping sanctuary. Fairy lights are also a luxurious addition, which can make your bedroom feel just like you’re stepping into a cosy Christmas market. Why not put the lights in a clear glass jar for an original take on Xmas lighting?

Christmas kitchen décor

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Our Christmas décor ideas for your kitchen space will excite you, trust us. In fact, you may have forgotten about the kitchen altogether, but this wide-open space is a great spot to place some festive decorations. So, what types of items and decorations should you incorporate?

Bring candy cane colours to your kitchen

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Think light and bright for your Christmas kitchen décor, and what better way to bring a little colour than with red and white, candy cane-inspired pieces? Drape red and white striped bunting along the back of your kitchen wall, add a glass jar filled with candy canes and make it a centrepiece of your kitchen table (or your work surface).

Introduce Christmassy wildlife 

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Perhaps you’re more interested in bringing small additions to your space, which are festive without being too OTT (over the top). Well then, add a fir tree-style window garland to your kitchen space and hang it from your windows. Or maybe place a vase on your table filled with red Mexican Poinsettia (the traditional Christmas flower), paired with a classic white tablecloth with elements of green or red running through.

Of course, ensure you do this without introducing anything too garish. Because as much as you want to use these interior design Christmas ideas, you still want to upkeep the classy feel your home gives off already.

Try these Christmas décor ideas for yourself

Hopefully your home is all set this Christmas after reading this helpful article – and we know you’ll make any space in your humble abode as special as can be. Simply take our ideas and incorporate them into your space, and you’ll feel Christmassy in no time!

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