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Top tips and ideas for a great first date

First date ideas may seem simple, but coming up with an original take to really wow the person you’re lusting over doesn’t always come easy. In our opinion, first date ideas should always be three things: romantic, fun and original. And we want to ensure you experience all three of these factors, whether you’re arranging or attending the date.

You may be wondering what to wear on a first date or where to take them. Luckily for you, we explore all of this and more in this helpful guide! Simply read on to uncover some fantastic first date tips. You’ll be readily equipped for love in no time…

What to wear on a first date?

Open wardrobe with clothes hanging and stored bags

When you venture on a first date, first impressions are everything, so what you rock up in is pretty important. In fact, considering what to wear on a first date in advance is crucial. After all, having a pre-prepared outfit that boosts your confidence will set you up for your romantic plans.

Of course, be true to yourself and your style; there’s no point dressing up in a full suit or a fancy cocktail dress if that wouldn’t be your usual go-to. Because your outfit should reflect your personality and the clothing you enjoy wearing.

Choose clothing that’s flattering but comfortable

Our first date ideas for your clothing choices? Anything that is comfortable yet presentable! Because wearing a fancy boilersuit you’ve been saving for a special date is all good and well, but if you finish a meal and feel ill because it’s too tight, rigid and hard to take off when heading to the toilet, your mind is going to be set on all of these issues, rather than your date. And the same goes if you’re wearing a new pair of leather loafers that you’ve not broken in yet; they could give you painful blisters and ruin your date!

Consider where your date will be

It’s so important to factor in where you are headed when choosing what to wear on a first date. For instance, if you’ve both opted for an activity-based date to a bowling alley, or mini-golf course, wearing a pair of sandals or high heels isn’t ideal. And the same goes for an outdoorsy walking date – wear presentable footwear but a pair that you’re happy to get dirty.

These are our top first date tips for what to wear depending on the venue:

  • Wear stretchy clothing for adventure dates.
  • Put on your best woollies for an outdoor date in the chillier months.
  • Add accessories that are still practical for the date you’re going on.
  • Avoid looking underdressed if you’re heading somewhere posh.
  • Still make an effort if your plans are more casual, even if you’re venturing to their house for a movie marathon!

Things to talk about on a first date

Man and woman toasting with a drink

Starting up several conversations with your date might be making you a little nervous, which is totally normal, but we want to help you break those first date nerves. After all, what you say to one another is going to determine whether the conversation flows, if they have the same sense of humour as you and if you’re a true match.

To point you in the right direction, these are some of the best things to talk about on a first date:

  • What your interests are: Do you love eating out? Playing tennis? Socialising?
  • What you love doing in your spare time.
  • Where you’re from and how you ended up living where you do now.
  • Your music taste and the tracks you love listening to daily.
  • Tell them about your job and what led you to working there.
  • Your favourite films, Netflix series, books and magazines.
  • What you’re looking for from a relationship (to determine where your date could lead).

We’d suggest you get right to it with the topics you want to discuss, along with the questions you want to ask. That way, you can find out as much as you can about them and see where it’s headed…

Avoiding small talk is key. You don’t want to come home from a date wishing you’d asked more about what they do for a living and where they’re from because you spent more time discussing your mutual friend connections!

What to do on a first date

Man with arm around woman on a date overlooking the river bank

Now you know what to say and what to wear, you’ll be wondering what to do and where to go on a first date to make it extra special. Because going for a couple of drinks and finding out what alcohol tickles their fancy is all good and well, as is going for a tasty meal, but these ideas are a little ordinary.

So, if you’re searching for more spectacular ideas for what to do on a first date, here are a couple of ideas that are sure to guarantee you a second date:

Seek out adventure at Go Ape

To uncover their adventurous side, head to one of the 35 Go Ape locations dotted across the UK. You can admire the picturesque scenery while zip-lining, Speed Climbing or even axe throwing! You’ll both get to see each other’s wild side, giggle about the different experiences along the way and get a feel for their personality.

But if Go Ape isn’t your number one choice, there are oodles of other adventurous things to do on a first date such as:

  • Mini golf.
  • Go-karting.
  • A trip to a theme park.
  • A night at a bowling alley.
  • Visiting a scare-ground.
  • Take a dancing lesson together!

Enjoy a romantic sunset picnic

Spotted wicker picnic basket in a field with two glasses and bottle of champagne

If you’re a sucker for romance over adventure, you’ll be wondering what to do on a first date that’s unique – but still a dreamy experience. Our best idea? Arrange a sunset picnic at a spot that is easy to reach for both of you. This can be at a local park, at the gardens of a stately home or a forest with a beautiful hilltop view. Just take a blanket to sit on, a picnic basket and both club together to buy some delicious treats to enjoy while you share details about each other.

And if the heart-warming picnic first date option is right up your street, we can help you prepare for this. All you’ll need to do is pre-prepare and purchase one of our couples hampers, and if you really want to splash out, our Pocklington Picnic Hamper is specially designed to be enjoyed on a gingham-print picnic blanket!

Cartwright & Butler Pocklington Picnic Hamper tin surrounded by food items

Some other good first date ideas you can work with are:

  • Go watch a theatre show together.
  • Head to a karaoke bar.
  • Venture to an arcade filled with fun.

Use our insights to your advantage

Two women's holding hands across dinner table with candle and bottle of wine

After reading this helpful article, you’re all set to venture on the date of a lifetime. Because good first date ideas don’t get any better than those we’ve mentioned! And now you know exactly what to wear on a first date, what to say and where to head -which is brilliant knowledge to have. So, pull out the perfect outfit and take your potential partner go-karting, or wherever you wish.

And in the meantime, check out our blog for further tips on everything you desire, from guides on the best Valentine’s gift ideas for him (for when things get serious) to valuable advice on how to host the perfect dinner party and more!