What your choice of cake says about you

Cake is such a wonderful dessert; the feeling of the different flavours hitting the roof of your mouth is simply spectacular. And, of course, you’ll have your favourite kind which always hits the spot and would be your first choice when it comes to birthdays, anniversaries or even your wedding!

But did you know the fluffy cake your gobble up at your local coffee shop, or during one of your friend’s celebratory events can actually say a lot about your personality traits? Well, we’re here to clue you up on what your choice of cake says about you. So, go ahead, read on and discover what your go-to slice tells you about your characteristics…

Carrot cake

Slice of carrot cake sitting on black plate

Carrot cake lovers are always raring to go. If your friends (or family members) want to try something new and exciting, you’re their number one choice – period. You adore experimenting with new ideas as well as hobbies, and you’re not afraid of change. In your spare time, you love having fun, but you’re sensible and smart enough to know when to call it a night after boogying at a local bar for hours on end. Your sweet right down to your core and everyone wants to be a part of your social circle!

Red velvet cake

Full red velvet cake with white vase in background

You’re unique through and through – you’re quirky without being a try-hard, always wearing the chicest clothes and pairing them with killer accessories. Weekends for you are spent seeking out the best art galleries, original exhibitions and museums, before heading to a cocktail bar for a marvellous margarita. Much like the flavour of this delectable dessert, you’re mysterious – but wonderfully so. Taking risks is in your nature and you’ll never take no for an answer…

Victoria sponge cake

Minatare Victoria sponge cakes sat on a glass cake stand

You may love the most commonly consumed cake out there, but you never let anyone ever tell you you’re “basic”. You just have classic tastes and don’t feel the need to fuss, and you’re happy to express this opinion to anyone who questions your tastes and preferences.

Much like the cake you gobble up regularly, you’re adored by most and liked by everyone. You are super kind-hearted in your approach to everything; whenever you walk into a room people rejoice and can’t wait to strike up a conversation with you. Essentially, you’re just an all-rounder, which is why you prefer this cake to any other!

Lemon drizzle cake

Lemon loaf cake with icing drizzled on top

Your personality is zingy, peppy and you’re just full of fun, always bringing positivity to your conversation and suggesting new, inventive ideas on how to spend your spare time.

Some people might like to just head for coffee at the weekend, but you’re more of a spontaneous soul who would suggest a last-minute trip to go rock climbing or trampolining! Helping others is second nature to you and you’re always trying to lift people’s spirits during their down days.

Chocolate fudge cake

Two white plates with slices of chocolate fudge cake and fork

Chocolate fudge is such a delicious, classic flavour and this really shows what you’re like as a person. Naturally, if this is your favourite, your interests will be fuss-free and much like the fudginess of this flavour, you’re rich through and through. Because you show a real understanding of people, always taking the time to understand your friends (or anyone) and help wherever possible. If someone needs a true friend to turn to, you’re the one who instantly springs to mind, no questions asked.

Coffee cake                              

Is coffee your favourite cake flavour? Well then, you’ll know what you like and won’t adjust those needs for anyone. You’re a warm-hearted person but you’re direct because you know exactly what you want and are always striving for the next best thing. If there’s a promotion going at work, you’ve already created a presentation detailing why you’re the right employee for the role. But when it comes to socialising, you’re a little bit introverted while still welcoming conversation from all walks of life.

Of course, your mood depends on what time it is. After all, coffee is your driving source, which is why cake enriched with your favourite ground bean flavouring is always preferred over any other…


Slice of cheesecake with fruit topping sat on a serving plate with spoon

If cheesecake is always your top choice, you’re totally carefree and a smooth talker. Whether you’re venturing out for a date or approaching your next interview, you’ve always “got this”.

You’re a fan of the finer things in life, without being overly pretentious. Being loyal to everyone around you is your forte, no man/woman is left behind on your watch, and you’re not afraid to tell it how it is to get your point across. Like the dessert itself, you’re a real sweetie, but you don’t let your sweet side interfere with knowing what’s right from wrong!

Mint chocolate cake

You’re a fan of doing things with a difference, and you never shy away from a challenge. Much like this cake’s fantastic flavour, you’re super cool and easy-going, with friends from different circles who are always ready to sing your praises. As a mint chocolate cake fan, you’re happy to spend your weekends eating afternoon tea at fine establishments, but you also love your downtime, spent watching films with a stern cup of tea. Being alone doesn’t phase you; you’re not afraid to say “no” to plans to make room for some “me time” – and people respect that about you.

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Woman sat on balcony in a white robe and head towel eating cake on a plate

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